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Welcome to the EH Network! This is your Internet home for the news, reviews and expertise you need in making your home smarter. Whether you're looking for information on DIY home security, trying to figure out what your options are for smart lighting and home energy management, or looking for guidance in hiring professional installers, EH Network has you covered. Our goal is to make sure every smart home consumer is, well, smart!

The EH Network features EH Daily, your completely up-to-date source for everything new in smart home technology. You'll also find our library of back issues and free reports, our store where you can get advanced smart technology books and our resource for smart home technology installers near you. You're invited to stick around, explore, and make yourself an expert on electronic house technology and products!

EH Daily

If you're one of the thousands of smart home enthusiasts looking for guidance and expertise in this fast-growing product world, EH Daily is for you. Every day you get news, reviews and buyer's guide advice on all the latest smart home products, from home theater projectors to motorized blinds to programmable home security systems. When you read EH Daily, you'll never be confused by new technology, never have to rely on a commission-based salesperson to explain product features, and never pay too much for the wrong products.

There's no other daily newsletter quite like EH Daily, because it comes from Electronic House, the magazine that's been providing readers with inspiration on the connected home since 2001. Whether you're a beginner or an expert on smart home technology, you'll appreciate the daily updates that are so important in keeping up with this constantly-changing marketplace!

EH Free Reports

From home audio to smart TVs to home energy management, Electronic House has free reports to help you be smarter about smart homes. Whatever smart home features you're interested in, our reports explain how the technology works, what's available to both the DIYer and the homeowner looking to hire a professional, and even what features you should look for when shopping for products.

Wondering whether you should go with wired or wireless technology? We’ve got the answers. Confused about your options for home security? The options are all explained in our home security report. And best of all, every one of these reports is absolutely FREE.

  • Home Stereo Systems: How to Choose the Best Sound Bar, Audio Receiver, Music Server & More
  • Home Lighting Automation: Remote Control Lighting, Motorized Shades & More
  • The Best Home Security Systems: Choosing Smart Locks, Home Surveillance Cameras, Home Security Monitoring Systems & More
  • Smart Home Systems: Expert Report to DIY Home Automation, Smart Home Products & More
  • Buying the Top Headphones: How to Choose Bluetooth Headphones, Noise-cancelling Headphones, Gamer Headphones, Running Headphones & More
  • Planning the Best Home Theater System: Choosing the Best Home Theater Projector, Best Home Theater Speakers, Best Home Theater Receiver, Best Home Theater Screens & More
  • Getting the Best Smart TV for You: Features, Where to Buy, How to Set Up a Smart TV, 4K TVs & More
  • Save Energy with Smart Home Automation: Picking the Best Programmable Thermostats, WiFi Thermostats, Motorized Blinds & More

EH Magazine

Electronic House magazine has been delivering inspiration on the connected home for more than 13 years. Our editorial staff was living with smart home technology long before it grew to enjoy the wide popularity it has today, so we’ve developed the expertise it takes to help you understand it, too – every single month.

At Electronic House magazine, we turn up the volume on the newest wireless speakers. We install our own home surveillance cameras, test multitudes of smart TVs, challenge current wisdom on energy saving light bulbs, and even hire custom installers when necessary, just like many other homeowners. You want the best smart house possible. And so do we.

Electronic House magazine covers the entire range of smart home technology. There’s no need to seek out additional resources on home surveillance cameras, or the latest headphones. It’s all here in one place, and all explained in straightforward, consumer-friendly language.

You get all this:

  • Smart lighting
  • Home audio
  • Smart TVs
  • Smart house security
  • Smart house automation systems
  • Smart house energy management
  • Home theater
  • Headphones

… including a complete buyer’s guide for every one of these topics included in your annual subscription.

EH Library

The EH Library is your destination for all your research on smart home technology, whether it’s 4K TVs, outdoor home theaters or automatic blinds. Every expert, authoritative article, review, and buyer’s guide in our digital archive is available to you in an easily searchable format, making due diligence a breeze.

The EH Library also includes a complete EH Magazine buyer’s guide for every one of the topics we cover: Smart lighting, home audio, smart TVs, smart home security, smart home automation systems, smart home energy management, home theater and headphones. Use the EH Library to become an educated, empowered consumer, and save time, money and frustration in adding smart technology to your home.

EH Store

At the EH store, you can get the information you’re looking for in one place! If you’re planning an outdoor home theater, you’ll find an expert guide to outdoor music and video systems. If all the fancy new light bulbs have you confused, get our complete consumers’ guide to halogen, fluorescent, LED and more.

You’ll also find our annual guide to our products of the year, delivering the best smart home technology our experts have reviewed! In addition, this is where you can buy single copies of issues.

All issues, special reports and guides are priced to make it fast and easy for you to get the smart home advice and information you need to make informed buying and installation decisions.

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