About Us

Electronic House serves discriminating consumers who enjoy the elegance, simplicity and fun afforded by integrated home technology.

Actually it’s about you. We surveyed many visitors to ElectronicHouse.com and developed a site that serves you.

It is the mission of ElectronicHouse.com to provide expert information and insight on products and technologies that inspire, excite and help our readers achieve the electronic house lifestyle.

Born of Electronic House magazine, which has been providing readers with inspiration on the connected home for more than 20 years, ElectronicHouse.com has become the leading information site for people passionate about the connected home–from beginners to experts.

Passion drives passion. The editors, writers and contributors to ElectronicHouse.com live with it, they build it, they take it apart, they turn it up as loud as it can go, and they push all of the buttons. Some are video experts, audio experts or home networking and control experts, some are “do-it-yourselfers,” and others hire a custom installer to do it for them–but the thread that binds them all is their passion for the electronic home lifestyle. This same passion also links us to you.

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