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EH Logo November 18, 2017

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Automated Shades Harmonize with the Great Outdoors

Naturally, when you buy a motorized window shade, you can expect there to be an electrical motor attached somewhere to the shading assembly.  Yes, this motor will require electricity to operate, and yes, it isn’t going to be very appealing to look at. Manufacturers like Lutron have devised some clever ways to conceal the motors […]


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5 Steps to Better Home Security with Smart Lighting

Every home functions better with good lighting. It’s there to help you see as you cook and read. It helps you find your way to the bathroom in the middle of the night. It helps accentuate certain elements of your home’s architecture. It even helps lift your mood when it’s dreary outside. But did you […]


See a Concrete House With a $0 Energy Bill

By Mitchell Parker, Houzz Damon Gray has spent 10 years building wood-frame homes. That’s exactly why he stayed away from wood framing when he built his own home. Wait, what? “I got sick of renovating homes that were falling down,” explains Gray, who lives in Victoria, British Columbia. “In B.C., it’s a wet climate, which […]


How to Stream 4K Video on Your Home’s Electrical Wiring

4K video is the ultimate in entertainment. And streaming it from an online service is the most convenient way to get it. It’s too bad your router is unable to provide the bandwidth to deliver the content to all TVs in your house. Thanks to a new product from D-Link, the  AV2 2000 Passthrough Powerline […]

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