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Tuesday, December 19, 2006
Entertainment in the home office
Lisa Montgomery 12/19 08:00 AM,

Discover ways to combine productivity and digital entertainment in your home office.

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Wednesday, October 25, 2006
EH Staff 10/25 08:54 PM,

Master bedrooms and bathrooms have gone through some major growing pains. From a simple room large enough to house a queen-sized bed, the master bedroom has blossomed into a suite that caters to homeowners with a dressing area, a massive walk-in closet, a sitting area, a wet bar and an adjoining bathroom filled with spa-like luxuries.

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EH Staff 10/25 08:42 PM,

In the “old” days a family room consisted mainly of a beat-up recliner for Dad, a couch and a coffee table, and a tiny TV with a screen too small for a family of four. Over the years, thankfully, the family room has evolved into a space that truly says “family.”

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EH Staff 10/25 08:28 PM,

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in which to integrate technology. Why? Because your family probably spends more time there than in any other room in the house.

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EH Staff 10/25 02:25 PM,

Few people have the luxury of utilizing a space dedicated solely to work. Sure, we’ve all seen, and have probably tried, the conversion of a guest bedroom into a home office. And we have to admit, the results can be fantastic. But the absolute best time to build a highly functional office into a home is while a house is being built.

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EH Staff 10/25 01:50 PM,

The design of a home theater varies, from a room that doubles as a den to a huge dark space that holds only a video screen and a row of reclining chairs. No matter how you envision your own home theater, you’re going to have to get your ideas down on paper before you start building it.

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