Home of the Year

Electronic House Home of the Year Awards showcase technologies and systems for the whole home. Each year Electronic House picks the best homes, submitted for judging by professional home automation and home theater integrators, in several categories, including: Best Integrated Home Over $50,000; Best Media Room; and Best Home Theater Over $100,000.

Home of the Year 2015 Award Winners

The 2015 Home of the Year awards highlight superb, customized innovation in 26 award-winning homes. We pay tribute to the innovative products and systems that are changing the way people live in their homes.

It’s also our chance to recognize the super installers who have so beautifully integrated these products and systems into the architecture

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14 Acre Estate is Like a Park Filled with Home Automation Tech

home automation

EVERY DAY WE BECOME MORE RELIANT on the technologies that surround us and become more comfortable with the conveniences they afford. In this always-on world, being disconnected is simply unacceptable. Whether in our homes, our backyards, or our places of business, we want to be able to check in with friends and be aware of

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Boring Family Room Turned to Home Theater and Golf Simulator

golf home theater

IMAGINE DRIVING BALLS on some of the most famous courses in the world or comparing your swing to masters like Tiger Woods, all without ever leaving home. That’s what this homeowner does nearly every day, marrying his love of golf with music and movies via a complete basement remodel that transformed an unwelcoming space into

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Tech-Savvy Homeowner and Professional Integrator Team Up for Home Automation System

home theater home automation system

IN THE REALM OF HIGH-TECH HOMES, there are complete professionally installed systems that encompass everything from security to A/V to lighting and home automation system control, and there are do-it-yourself (DIY) setups in which the homeowner cultivates and installs his or her own electronic systems. This 5,200-square-foot home located in an idyllic enclave of estate

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Surrounded by Sound in Over-the-Top Winning Home Theater

home theater

AUDIO OFTEN TAKES A BACK SEAT to video during the design of a home theater. Considering all the hype over 3D and high-res 4K video, it’s difficult not to focus most of your energy on integrating a super-huge screen and state-of-the-art projector. While this award-winning theater’s video setup is nothing to sneeze at, it’s the

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Winning Home Automation System Runs Rustic Mountain Retreat

home automation system in mountains

WHEN MOST OF US THINK of escaping to a mountain retreat, it’s to a small “rustic” cabin where a 24-inch TV and central heating are the only technological comforts. Not these homeowners. They firmly believed that technology was essential to manage and fully enjoy their sprawling 15,000-square-foot Colorado mountain vacation home. No expense was spared—whether

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Extreme Lighting Control System Shines in this Winning Backyard Oasis

home of the year lighting control

YOU’D NEVER GUESS THAT HIDDEN behind this historic 1.6-acre estate in Pasadena, Calif., is one of the swankiest outdoor audio and lighting control systems around. By day, guests and homeowners can saunter through lush gardens that do the city’s botanical heritage justice. By night, technology emerges to transform this daytime utopia into a world-class event

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