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  • Electronic House Magazine January 2015


    From bulbs to big screens, it's truly time to "get the LED out". It's a technology that's here and ready to drastically transform the functionality and aesthetics of every room of your house. And this issue of Electronic House will point you in the right direction, no matter what your LED plans may be.

  • Light Bulb Buying Guide: How to Buy the Best Incandescent, Halogen, Fluorescent and LED Light Bulbs


    There are just a few fundamental goals of lighting design: illumination appropriate to how a space is used, energy savings, aesthetics, and safety. And there are a few categories of lighting to help you get there: ambient, general purpose, task, and accent lighting. Beyond these variables, though, the process of lighting a home well explodes into a seemingly infinite variety of options. None of these choices are more important, or more confusing, than deciding which light sources (bulbs) to use. This guide will help you cut through the confusion to find the right light bulb technology to suit your goals.

  • Electronic House Magazine Winter 2014


    The ability to use an iPad and other types of tablets to operate lights, A/V equipment, security systems, thermostats, and motorized shades has made a huge impact on the design community. Interior designers who once shunned the idea of incorporating technology into their homes are now eagerly embracing the opportunity to work with home system integrators. This issue takes a look at using technology to enhance your home's design and decor.

  • Home Automation eBook


    Home Automation: A complete guide to buying, owning and enjoying a home automation system. The smart home and home automation market is rapidly expanding. Every week more products and features are becoming available, and the attractive prices make this the perfect time to check out smart home products for your family. Learn more about what a home automation system can do for you.

  • Electronic House Magazine Fall 2014


    Why make your home theater look just like every one else's when it can be special and unique? This home theater issue takes a look at rooms of all shapes, sizes and functions being beautifully transformed into media spaces that suit the needs of their viewers perfectly.

  • Electronic House Magazine Summer 2014


    This Best-ever Home of the Year issue highlights superb, customized innovation in 27 award-winning homes. We pay tribute to the innovative products and systems that are changing the way people live in their homes. It's also our chance to recognize the super installers who have so beautifully integrated these products and systems into the architecture of our award-winning homes.

  • Electronic House 2014 Products of the Year


    Electronic House presents the best products of 2014, in categories from A/V and home control to the exciting areas of energy management and digital home health care.

  • Electronic House Magazine Spring 2014


    The idea of using an electronic system to keep your house on automatic pilot is nothing new, nor is the technology that enables it. In this issue, you'll learn how much simpler it has become to find the perfect home automation system and have it installed. You'll also see how advancements in technology are changing the look, feel and performance of systems - and in some very positive ways.