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Cineak Puts Motorized Footrest into Grafton Club Chair
The new model will be available in a variety of standard wood types and colors.

CINEAK Kicks Out (and Back) Strato+ Theater Chairs
The upgraded home theater line is based on the company’s standard Strato model.

Cineak Tweaks Chair Options, Adds New Grafton Club Model
The new seating options include heating/cooling and an iPad mount.

Cineak Debuts Luxury Edition Fortuny Chair
The special edition theater chair offers more materials and finishes than ever before.

Speaker accessories and seating designed for discerning home theater environments
A high-quality seating line and unique custom speaker grills are among the home theater products you can find at TK-Living.

Finely crafted acoustical accessories treatments designed for home theaters
TK Living presents a collection of finely crafted architectural accessories and elements designed for home theater and other home-entertainment environments.

CINEAK announces the availability of a CHAISE lounge element for it’s FORTUNY and NERO product
- Available on the recliner version of the FORTUNY and NERO models, - NOT available on the incliner version,
- Backrest can still recliner (manual or motorized).

CINEAK’s Néro Chair Makes Home Theater Seating Customizeable
The NÉRO chair is a direct result of the success of our Fortuny chair. This chairs features the same design and comfort characteristics as the chair it is derived from, however it has fully upholstered armrests.

CINEAK’s Bruges Theater Seating Has Timeless Design with Historical Roots
The Bruges chair, is named after the enchanting and classical city of Bruges. This canal-based city, located in the province of West Flanders in the Flemish Region of Belgium, is often referred to as “The Venice of the North”. It’s architecture reflects its splendor during the medieval era of Western Europe.

Cineak Saxon
Cineak Pads Its Seating Line with Saxon Model
The new Saxon chair in Cineak’s Lounge seating collection is available in four leather grades.

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