Electronic House is celebrating the A/V enthusiasts who have used their DIY skills to create their own home theaters. Through our partnership with AVS Forum, EH has profiled dozens of DIY theaters this year. We narrowed the list down to 8 nominees and want you to select the winners. Voting ends October 31st.

1st Place - $500 Home Depot Gift Card
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3rd Place - $100 Home Depot Gift Card

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A Classic Touch to Garage Theater
Builder: Steve Mize | Room Size: 16.5 x 23.5' | Cost: $63,000
"When I was little, going to the theater was a pretty special event," says Steve Mize. It wasn't his childhood, however, that inspired this vintage theater. "I don't know if one can be nostalgic for a period they didn't experience, but the time period of the '40s and '50s really resonates with me."
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Theater Showcases Old-World Italy
Builder: Tony Caciolo | Room Size: 18 x 30' | Cost: $150,000
One of Tony Caciolo's favorite places is Italy, which is where he and his wife, Penny spent their honeymoon and Tony frequents on business. So instead of spending more time on the other side of the world, he and his wife brought it little piece back into their home.
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A Basement Transformed
Builder: Bud Ketterl | Room Size: 12 x 19 x 9' | Cost: $18,000
When Bud Ketterl started his home theater, one challenge he didn't have was space. With over 1,400 square feet, Ketterl's basement is bigger than many homes. Instead of making one mammoth theater, Ketterl shared his wealth of space with a game room, a bar, a bathroom and a workshop.
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Pirate Theater Sets Sail
Builder: Paul Konold | Room Size: 16 x 27' | Cost: $30,000
On one of the Konolds' yearly pilgrimages to Disneyland, Paul didn't just have a good tim—he had an epiphany. While taking a ride on the childhood favorite turned box office monster "Pirates of the Caribbean," Paul came up with the idea to turn his home theater into an homage.
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Putting the Wide in Widescreen
Builder: Wayne Hanson | Room Size: 13 x 17' | Cost: $30,000
Hanson is not your typical do-it-yourselfer with dreams of home entertainment grandeur in 16:9. Instead, he opted for a more constant height of 2:35 for his home's setup. Even though the format seemed new, for Hanson and his wife Jocelyn, home theater has always been a way of life.
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2.35:1 for Under $15K
Builder: Matt Standing | Room Size: 13 x 15' | Cost: $15,000
Some are willing to spend thousands of dollars to keep their hands clear of the home theater process. Matt Standing, on the other hand, decided to put his money into the machinery that makes his home theater stand out. And stand out it does with an acoustically transparent 2.35:1 screen.
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Putting a Theater PC to Work
Builder: Jason Klinke | Room Size: 15 x 24' | Cost: $21,000
Manufacturers have talked about it, but Jason Klinke is actually doing it—putting his PC to work as a major part of his home theater setup. With almost 10 years experience in software design and development, you can't just put the PC aside when it comes to other areas of life.
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Theater Translates In Any Language
Builder: Bjorn Kristensen | Room Size: 226 Sq. ft.| Cost: $20,000
When it comes to one's love of entertainment, home theater looks good in any language. Norweigian resident Bjorn Kristensen has shown us that there are true A/V enthusiasts all around the world, and we'd be willing to cross continents for a glimpse of his handy work.
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Note: Due to some extreme voting irregularities, EH had to void a large number of votes cast on October 15th & 16th.

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