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Wired Of Wireless

Wired or wireless?
Wireless systems like Zigbee, Z-Wave and conventional Wi-Fi are easy and inexpensive, but they’re subject to roadblocks throughout the house that can impede their signals. Older homes with plaster walls are a particular challenge for wireless systems, as are larger homes with serious distances between floors and rooms.  A wired system is always going to work more reliably, which is is goal #1 for a control system.  If you haven’t built your home yet, consider structured wiring, not only for your IT needs but for expandability into home control.  If whole-home wiring isn’t practical, check into powerline and/or phone line based systems.

This home features a wireless TaHoma system by Somfy which operates via Z-wave.

Style, platform, scalability and cost are just some of the issues to think about when planning your home control system.
Savant Remote with IPad Control
Vantage Control Panel
Crestron Symbiant Interface By Bri-Tech
Wired Of Wireless
Logitech Harmony One
9 IRemote Niles
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