Credit: William Psolka

High-style Manhattan apartment brings video aesthetics to an all new level.
Video Wall
Feeds Galore
Even More Sources
One-touch Control
Bathroom TV
Flush TVs
Control Flexibility
Racking in the Brains
Disappearing Bedroom TV
Motorized Shades
Recessed TV
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Racking in the Brains

In a closet off the foyer are the brains of this 2,400-square foot apartment. The control system processors and source components are mounted in three equipment racks, one of which looks closed off but contains the 18 cable TV boxes. Because the boxes have IR (infrared) flashers mounted to the front of them, they were susceptible to IR “spray,” which could result in a command issued to one cable box changing a channel on another, so EDG placed covers - or solid rack blanks - over the boxes to preclude this problem.

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