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High-style Manhattan apartment brings video aesthetics to an all new level.
Video Wall
Feeds Galore
Even More Sources
One-touch Control
Bathroom TV
Flush TVs
Control Flexibility
Racking in the Brains
Disappearing Bedroom TV
Motorized Shades
Recessed TV
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Feeds Galore

The homeowner can choose among feeds from up to 24 different video sources, including 18 cable boxes (three of which have DVRs), three DVD players and three Mac minis. The sources are routed through an Extron matrix switcher and an RGB Spectrum picture-in-picture processor that multiplexes them and allows six outputs to each of the TVs. He can view 18 sources - or 18 different channels simultaneously - with six per screen or one large picture in the middle and with six options shown on each side.

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