485-pound Panasonic plasma lowers from ceiling in about 10 seconds.
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Come on Down

Getting the lift and plasma screen in place were challenges in and of themselves. By the time the lift was ready to be installed, the ceiling had been framed out, so the crew had to take the lift apart and install it in three parts. That meant making sure they lined up two side rails perfectly.

The lift installation itself took two nights. Then it was time to hoist 485 pounds of 1080p-capable HD. That took some scaffolding, six men, and a lot of care. But Walker’s customized mounting system worked to perfection, and the 103-inch screen was soon doing the old up and down in this room.

A wall of glass panels on rails swivels and can be opened to allow in the warm Southern California air, and the 103-inch plasma can swivel 65 degrees so the actor can watch whatever he wants while lounging poolside.

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