Credit: Kristopher Kostner

Arizona home is full of automation, A/V excitement, and mountain views.
Mountainous Theater
Back of Theater
Room With a View
Left out in the Dark
Recessed Flat Panel
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Back of Theater

The murals fade like the night sky from the rear to the front of the theater. The ceiling received a fiber-optic starfield that corresponds to the direction the room faces, and are arranged to recreate how the sky looked on the owner’s birth date. Filler stars can be dimmed to make constellations like Orion and the Big Dipper 
further stand out.

When the theater fires up, shooting stars may turn off but others remain on and don’t impact the images on the 120-inch SMX CinemaScope aspect ratio screen. The Marantz projector can beam Blu-ray and satellite TV content, and speakers and subwoofers from Sonance and Artison can rock the room.

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