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Drapery flowing throughout this theater room embellishes its dramatic flair.
Flowing Entrance
Curtain Call
Don't Forget About the Gear
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Don't Forget About the Gear

While the curtains dominate the theater’s look, there also is some pretty impressive gear. A 92-inch Vutec SilverStar screen amply serves the 16-by-20-foot space and its two rows of seating, while a ceiling-mounted Panasonic projector fires onto the screen for all the DirecTV, Xbox and DVD content. There’s no Blu-ray player in the theater, but the homeowners plan to soon add a high-def Vudu movie player.

All of the gear resides in a well-ventilated equipment closet just outside of the theater, which includes the Denon receiver powering the seven Sonance Symphony speakers and two Sunfire subwoofers. The front in-wall speakers surround the screen but blend into paneling, while the dark subwoofer grilles look like they’re the bases to columns - details that can be overlooked amid the drapery, but that made this theater stand out.

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