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From security to housework to entertainment systems, one tech-savvy family has gadgets for nearly every aspect of home life.
Fingerprint Scanner
Multi-tasking with Crestron
Crestron Scenes
Whole House Music
Bedroom Speakers
Lighting Control
Eye in the Sky
The Racks
Keypad Control
Crestron Touchpanels
Davis Weather Station
Light and Audio Zones
Motion Sensors
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The Racks

A Crestron video distribution system can deliver video to any TV in the house from the Kaleidescape server, a TiVo receiver, an Escient FireBall media server (a less expensive server option for Wolfgang’s prospective clients) and a DVD player (for playing rented movies), all of which were stowed in a rack in the basement. Music from an XM Radio tuner and CDs stored digitally on the Kaleidescape server can travel housewide as well.

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