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Lighting, shading and home control systems help make our 2008 Home of the Year a shining example of energy-efficiency.
Gold & Green - Eco Easy
Keeping it Cool
Control4 Keypad
Outdoor Music
Recycled Windows
Radiant/Solar Heating
Energy Star Kitchen
Eco Electronic Exterior
Green Bath
Lighting and Music
Lutron Sivoia Shading
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Gold & Green - Eco Easy

The contemporary 4,200-square-foot Casa Futura, as it is known, is powered in part by 26 solar panels, two of which provide heat for the home’s hot water needs. It has water-saving features such as low-flow, dual-flush toilets and smart irrigation systems that water plants only when they need it. The home is constructed largely of recycled materials, with concrete radiant-heated floors and an efficient metal roof. Walls contain extra blown-in insulation, and the windows reflect heat and harmful ultraviolet light. Motorized blinds automatically shade the large windows to keep the rooms cool, and natural ventilation reduces the need for air-conditioning.

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