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From the laundry room to the balcony, nearly every space of this Long Island home includes one of two-dozen plasma and LCD screens.
Billiard's & Bar
Fish Tank Plasma
Crestron Wireless Tablet
Master Bath Plasma
Livingroom Plasma
Middle Atlantic Rack
Master Suite Entertaiment
Billards Room
Crestron Control
Distributed A/V
Kitchen Fujitsu
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Distributed A/V

Whole-house video is stored on a Kaleidescape server and distributed, along with other high-def content from cable or satellite DVRs, to the TVs via the Crestron control system. “Each member of the family has his own Kaleidescape player, his own cable box and his own satellite receiver and can access them from any room in the house with a touchscreen. It says ‘So-and-so’s’ cable box’ and they simply press that,” Cestaro says. “The kids are absolutely crazy about all that stuff. They think it’s like Disneyland.”

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