Gaming chairs, a virtual target range, multiple TVs and a Control4 system make this a Gold Winning Fun Room.
TV Space
Racing Style
Seating for 4
Guest Table
Shooting Screen
Target Practice
A Perfect Escape
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A Perfect Escape

Lighting plays an important role in this interactive wonderland as well, setting the stage for whatever activity Tallyn and his guests select for the evening. “At the top of the stairs there’s a six-button Control4 keypad waiting for me to set the mood,” says Tallyn. “I can choose to have all the lights come on at 25, 50 or 100 percent, and with a single, double or triple tap choose either jazz, a random mix of music or rock-and-roll from Rhapsody—access to the service is built into the main Control4 processor—to play through all of the speakers.” Once guests have entered the room, Tallyn can use an iPad, iPhone, handheld remote or other keypads to tweak the lighting and music.

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