Automated motion and security sensors make operating this green and energy efficient home a breeze.
A Pricing Vantage
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A Pricing Vantage

Lighting control can eat up a budget in a hurry. To keep costs under control, custom electronics (CE) pro Eric Landis of All Sound Designs in Grand Junction, Colo., used Vantage’s more affordable RFLC (RF Lighting Control) system, which unlike many of the company’s other systems, doesn’t rely on a central processor. Vantage’s InFusion lighting controller works with ScenePoint and Enspire RF dimmers/switches, which are located in three closets to minimize wall clutter. These dimmers and switches are wired to EasyTouch II touchpads, which the homeowners use to operate the lights. Most of the time, though, the fixtures turn on and off automatically based on motion, occupancy and time of day.

Cost for this level of lighting control: $15,000.

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