Credit: Copyright CEDIA 2010. Used with Permission.

The 22 home theater finalists for CEDIA's Electronic Lifestyles Designer Awards.
Finishing Touches
Simple Elegance
Under the Sea
Challenging Dynamics
Studying Up
Eye-Popping Performance
The Gold Standard
Cozy Hideaway
Maximum Capabilities
Ahead of the Curve
Country Chalet
Inviting Escape
Under the Tuscan Theater
Rustic Appeal
Above the Tide
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Architectural Elegance

Briefly describe the objectives in creating this theater.
The client, architect, builder, and designer worked closely together to ensure this magnificent home was highlighted by a pinnacle room upstairs that overlooked the beautiful serene landscape. To ensure an unobstructed view, massive curved windows were installed. To continue the nature theme, a 14’ glass dome ceiling was created. We succeeded at achieving our Herculean goal of allowing our clients to enjoy their architectural masterpiece while experiencing a truly unrivaled ultra-high performance home theater. Tremendous acoustic, lighting, and aesthetic challenges were addressed and conquered by correct engineering, customization, installation, and calibration.

What technical features are notable in this project?
Every loudspeaker and subwoofer was custom designed, engineered and CNC manufactured to seamlessly integrate into the architecture and decor while maximizing acoustic performance. To optimize useable space within the room, custom loudspeakers and subwoofers were all manufactured to fit within an 8” deep wall. We managed the process of custom designing and manufacturing motorized blackout window/dome shades and curtains that properly address all aesthetic, lighting, and acoustic issues.

To ensure standing waves, primary and secondary room reflections caused by the room dimension, dome, and curved rear windows did not negatively affect any listener, we careful executed acoustical room analysis to place all listening positions outside of problematic areas. Due to limiting space challenges within tolerances less than 1” caused by the dome and blackout curtains that cover the curved window, we fabricated a custom cantilevered projector mount. No other projector mount would have allowed us to succeed.

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