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10 Creative Audio Solutions for Every Room in Your House

You can always count on the annual CEDIA Expo (Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association Expo) to provide some interesting spins, or spin-offs, on the existing audio market. This, after all, is a tradeshow for the custom electronics professionals who install such solutions (typically within larger-scale home tech projects) in your homes, and the manufacturers that cater to them and you understand that things like aesthetics and problematic placement can carry almost as much weight as sound quality.

Walking from booth to booth and listening to numerous demonstrations offered the opportunity to survey some of the cool and unique ways these manufacturers have been implementing requests from their dealers.

Loudspeakers are more elegant these days, or sometimes they’re more concealable, or sometimes they just need to fit in better logistically with your room environment.

There’s certainly good reason that soundbars (including the sleek “bars” as well as the tabletop versions on which you can sit a TV) are proliferating. But it’s not just speakers — some of the electronics these days are getting some cool factor thrown into the industrial design. As much as some homeowners might want to hide their electronics, there’s still a segment of stereo enthusiasts who want to show off their gear.

Click here to check out some of the forward-thinking, problem-solving and otherwise creative audio offerings that could be the answer to your home audio needs.

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