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DynaQuip Controls WaterCop Z-Wave

MSRP: $500.00

The WaterCop® Z-Wave Automatic Water Shut-Off System utilizes robust Z-Wave technology to provide automatic shut-off of a home’s main water supply. Pair this shut-off valve with optional Z-Wave Water Alarm Sensors for complete monitoring and control of a home’s water supply. When sensors detect moisture, they automatically send a signal to the WaterCop Z-Wave system to shut off the water supply.

The sensors continuously check for accumulating water near leaking near pipes, corroded water heaters, bathroom and laundry room fixtures, automatic water and ice dispensers, and other appliances that could cause water damage. In addition, when used with a properly integrated Z-Wave gateway controller, WaterCop Z-Wave can automatically notify homeowners and provide remote home water supply access via Internet or smart phone.  Benefits of the Z-Wave Automatic Water Shut-Off System include added property protection against water damage, potential savings for homeowners through insurance premium savings, easy integration with home security and automation systems, comprehensive home protection 24 hours a day, promotes water conservation, and offers substantial peace of mind for homeowners.Providing homeowners with reliable water damage protection 24/7, 365 days a year, WaterCop implements the latest and most reliable wireless home automation technology. Whether the homeowner is on site or away, the water sensor will always be monitoring the area and will automatically close the valve whenever necessary, making the Z-Wave system perfect for vacation homes and investment properties.  Prospective dealers and industry professionals are encouraged to contact DynaQuip at 800-545-3636, or visit for more details.  WaterCop® is a registered trademark of DynaQuip Controls Corporation, located in St. Clair, Missouri. For over 40 years DynaQuip Controls has been an innovator of industrial, commercial, and residential automated valves. WaterCop is the residential line of automated valves for DynaQuip Controls. Z-WaveTM is a registered trademark of the Z-Wave Alliance.

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Now entering our seventh decade, DynaQuip Controls Inc. continues its long standing commitment to designing and manufacturing superior products and providing outstanding personal service. Electric actuators and valve automation designs lead our drive as we focus on the products of tomorrow.

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WaterCop Z-Wave

Over 1 million homes in the United States experience extensive water damage each year. Help prevent this common home catastrophe by upgrading a simple water valve with DynaQuip® innovation and Z-WaveTM technology!  WaterCop® Z-Wave helps prevent water damage and alerts homeowner of leaks and flooding.

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