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2013 Product of the Year Entrant

URC (Universal Remote Control, Inc.) Complete Control Mobile App

MSRP: $199.00

The URC Complete Control Mobile App brings the functionality of a URC Complete Control remote control, keypad or touchscreen controller to the Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. The result of many months of development and testing, Complete Control Mobile addresses growing demand among consumers for easy iControl of their home entertainment and systems. Two versions of the URC Complete Control Mobile iOS app are available through the iTunes App Store: an iPad app and an iPhone/iPod touch app. The apps are available for end users to download to their iDevices. The Complete Control Mobile App works in conjunction with URC's MRX-1 Network Base Station. With one setup code implemented by the dealer on the MRX-1, the end user can activate and start living with Complete Control Mobile within the home immediately. Complete Control Mobile can control all network-connected AV devices directly over the local area network (LAN). Aided by dazzling, intuitive interfaces, you can do everything from setting a DVR and navigating your favorite channels to controlling music, volume, URC Lighting by Lutron and countless other devices. With its customizable high-resolution graphical interface, your installer can also design the graphic portion of the screen to suit your needs and décor, with the buttons and functions you want most.

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Many fun and valuable benefits set this URC mobile control app far above the rest. For just one affordable setup fee, you can enable unlimited iDevices for control in or around your home. This is different from most control systems on the market, which typically require either periodic license fees or per-iDevice charges. With Complete Control Mobile, all apps downloaded are simply activated by the URC dealer for a nominal one-time setup fee of $199 MSRP. Once activated, you can add other iPhones, iPads and iPods as your family grows and changes. Plus, updates can be implemented by the consumer at any time in the future for no additional charge. In addition, a large area of the app screen can be fully customized to suit you and your home. High resolution graphics for entertainment devices, favorite channels and much more can be personalized by your installation professional. Other control apps on the market typically have set screens that may show specific buttons, but the graphics, layout and colors are fixed and cannot be customized. And, of course, Complete Control Mobile addresses the growing demand among customers for simple, elegant iControl of their home entertainment systems. The URC Complete Control Mobile App is the only app available that specifically replicates a URC Complete Control remote or keypad. The combination of its ease of implementation and fixed cost makes Complete Control Mobile a fun, compelling and very valuable proposition for the consumer.


URC's Complete Control Mobile App enables consumers to easily access all the benefits of a URC Complete Control remote, keypad or touchscreen controller through three enormously popular devices - the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. As a result, users of Complete Control systems gain the newfound flexibility to walk in and around the home controlling their entertainment, lighting and much more - right from their iDevices. And the app's simple, pay-once/add- and update-at-will fixed pricing model means no worries about unexpected or unwanted incremental costs and fees as your system expands.

Company Info

URC is The Pioneer in Control Technology. Founded in 1991 and headquartered in Harrison, N.Y., URC has sold over 100 million remote controls in the last 10 years alone, and is an emerging force in whole-house control with its Total Control line of products. A recognized world leader in high-quality control design, engineering, manufacture and distribution, URC is widely regarded as a category innovator by consumers, subscription broadcast providers, retailers, residential and commercial custom installers, and OEM partners. URC has built its reputation by delivering exceptional levels of quality, training, reliability and support to its customers. Visit URC at, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Installers can keep up to date with the latest URC news, training and support, as well as communicate directly with the company and their peers, at

URC (Universal Remote Control, Inc.)
500 Mamaroneck Avenue
Harrison, New York
United States of America
Tel: 914-835-4484
Fax: 914-835-4532

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Complete Control Mobile App

URC's Complete Control Mobile App enables users to access and control their entertainment, lighting and more through the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

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