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2014 Product of the Year Entrant

Savant Systems Universal Remote

MSRP: $399.00

The sleek new Wi-Fi®-based Savant Universal Remote has been designed for the modern media room, providing intuitive control of an entire audio/video system along with connected devices such as distributed audio, lighting, climate control and other features within a residential or commercial setting. Similar to Savant’s existing user interface options, the Savant Universal Remote is self-configuring once connected to the network, eliminating the complex programming associated with competitive products. If the Savant Universal Remote becomes lost or damaged, no programming is required to activate a replacement; simply log the new remote onto the network and full functionality will automatically be restored. Savant authorized integrators can also upload feature changes and firmware updates remotely, adding value for users while enhancing overall efficiency. The Savant Universal Remote enables users to easily control devices without pointing or aiming; no direct line of sight is required. The Savant Universal Remote is the most affordable Wi-Fi remote available in the CEDIA channel today.


The Savant Universal Remote is an advanced Wi-Fi-based solution at an affordable price. The Savant Universal Remote is self-configuring once connected to the Wi-Fi network, eliminating the complex and time consuming programming associated with either initializing a new remote or replacing one that has been lost or damaged. It has an ergonomic design that fits perfectly in the hand, featuring a 1.7-inch customizable color display and a full complement of backlit hard buttons and essential navigation keys for frequently used functions. Focusing on usability, Savant researched industry standards for expected button placement, resulting in a user interface that employs a very simple list-based structure, similar to that used on an iPod®, which is color-coded per service type. Support for customer modifiable presets and favorites allow the remote to adapt to the lifestyle changes of the user without the need for integrator or dealer support. Using a built-in Lithium-ion battery, Savant was able to create a solid, smooth base without the often clunky removable battery cover and associated tab. The silver body and grey hard buttons of the remote provide a contemporary and pleasing visual appearance.


1) Unmatched Value: Savant’s new Universal Remote delivers sophisticated functionality to a budget-friendly control solution
2) TrueCommand™ Compatibility: Savant’s Universal Remote is equipped with the buttons required to navigate Savant’s award-winning TrueCommand™ on-screen navigation technology
3) Two-way Control Throughout the Home: When used within a Savant control ecosystem, the Savant Universal Remote is capable of two-way Wi-Fi-based communication, giving users control of intelligent devices and subsystems from anywhere in the home
4) Self-configuring: If the Savant Universal Remote becomes lost or damaged, no programming is required to activate a replacement—simply log the new remote onto the network and full functionality will automatically be restored
5) Future-proof: Savant authorized integrators can upload feature changes and firmware updates remotely, adding value for users while enhancing overall efficiency
6) Ease of Use: The Savant Universal Remote supports a menu of screens for controlling services throughout the home or workplace, and because it utilizes Wi-Fi connectivity, users can control devices without pointing or aiming—no direct line of sight is required.

Company Info

Savant’s Apple®-based control, automation and multi-room audio/video systems are designed to deliver an unprecedented level of efficiency and simplicity, providing each user with a streamlined smart home technology experience. From simple media room control to a fully integrated whole-house audio, video and automation system, or even non-invasive retrofit solutions with very little wiring - Savant can meet the demands of any installation.

Savant Systems
45 Perseverance Way
Hyannis, Massachusetts
United States of America
Tel: 508-683-2500

Savant Systems Products

SmartView Video Tiling

Introducing Savant SmartView technology… a single display, streaming up to nine HD video sources, with a slick viewing experience controlled and personalized through the power of Savant’s award-winning TrueControl iPad app. 
SmartView is the perfect solution for entertainment, business and security.

Universal Remote

The cost-effective Savant Universal Remote communicates over existing Wi-Fi networks delivering convenient two-way control in a sophisticated design. The customizable color display allows integrators to tailor control to meet client needs. Self-configuring, the Savant Universal Remote requires no direct programming as its configuration is automatically obtained from the Savant system, including any changes made remotely by the integrator. User definable presets and favorites allow for further personalization options.

SmartLighting Wi-Fi®

Savant SmartLighting Wi-Fi® delivers a versatile solution that can be used as both a standalone lighting control platform or as part of a complete Savant automation system. Featuring a dimmer inside each Wi-Fi-connected keypad, Savant has created the ultimate customizable solution ideal for both new construction and retrofit lighting control that can be integrated without rewiring the home or commercial facility. Savant’s SmartLighting technology expands the brand’s presence in the growing connected home marketplace with a versatile Wi-Fi-based lighting control system.


The Savant SmartClimate CLI-8000 simplifies the integration of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Builders and integrators can install a SmartClimate system as an independent solution, controlling up to 8 heating and cooling zones. Used in conjunction with a Savant host, the CLI-8000 becomes scalable, enabling integrators to connect multiple units for increased zone capacity. Additionally, the CLI-8000 can be connected to a Savant automation system, delivering the luxury, convenience and security of connected home functionality such as lighting, motorized blinds, security systems, music and video, surveillance cameras, sprinklers and more.

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