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2013 Product of the Year Winner

Schlage Touchscreen Deadbolt

MSRP: $199.00

The Schlage Touchscreen Deadbolt is an all-in-one, top-tier product - the "Superhero" of residential locks. Uniting the best innovation in form and function, the Schlage Touchscreen Deadbolt allows you to live the life you choose, without having to worry about the security of your home base. Not to mention, its perceptive capabilities and flawless design brings your home hardware into the future.

A sleek touchscreen delivers universal design with state-of-the-art resistance to high-use wear, removing the challenge and frustration of knob or lever locks for everyday use and as homeowners grow older. The first time you bring home too many groceries, you’ll immediately notice the difference in keyless technology. Visual and audible indicators confirm the lock is hard at work and also notify you when batteries are low, or if the deadbolt isn’t fully extended into the doorjamb. The intuitive reactions of the Touchscreen Deadbolt take this common hardware device to a level worthy of worship.

The Touchscreen Deadbolt was specifically engineered to provide security and technology that complements the needs and lifestyles of today’s homeowners. The motorized bolt automatically locks and unlocks when one’s user code is entered and with auto-handling technology, it intuitively detects the direction the bolt needs to be thrown during installation. The slim exterior escutcheon prevents interference with storm doors and props, while the anti-pick shield protects for the long haul against lock tampering.

Offered in traditional and contemporary styles with many finish options, the Schlage Touchscreen Deadbolt lock will proudly protect you, bring peace of mind and deliver the design you desire.

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For a jetsetter or busy family, home management today is far more difficult and demanding than ever before, due to the ever-advancing complexities of technology and on-the-go lifestyles. The Touchscreen Deadbolt offers an intersection of security and convenience through an easy, all-in-one functionality like no other lock on the market.

Schlage's latest residential lock is backed by more than 90 years of trustworthy durability and groundbreaking, inventive design. Created with security in mind, the Touchscreen Deadbolt delivers an ANSI grade 1 security rating, the highest residential rating awarded on the market, as certified by BHMA. Exclusive rugged metal construction delivers long-lasting durability and dependability for high-use and entryway protection, keeping your home safe.

The Touchscreen Deadbolt delivers tough security with elegant style. The built-in alarm equips you with an easily customizable level of audible home monitoring. Sensors detect three levels of lock movement; giving you the security alerts you need, when you need them the most.

The deadbolt lock provides keyless convenience and home access management through simple touchscreen codes. The lock-and-leave functionality requires only one touch to instantly safeguard your home. In addition, the fingerprint-resistant touchscreen ensures access code numbers won't be detectable to intruders after repeated use.

Tapping into the latest technology, the Touchscreen Deadbolt connects with Nexia Home Intelligence - a system bringing together the best home automation to make your house behave how you want it to. Nexia offers what homeowners want most: comfort, security and effortlessness, complementing an on-the-go routine. Control your home security through a smartphone or tablet with Nexia by scheduling text alerts so you always know who's home, or managing recurring codes to let a housekeeper into a second home at specific times during the week.


Keeping families safe, the Touchscreen Deadbolt is armed with built-in alarm lock technology, sensing a range of activity and alerting homeowners with an automated sound. Easily manage three movement levels:
• Activity alert: detecting when someone leaves or enters the house
• Tamper alert: sensing when the lock is being disturbed
• Forced entry alert: identifying significant pressure like a kick or shove to the lock

Managing security with the Touchscreen Deadbolt can be achieved through just your fingertip with Nexia Home Intelligence connectivity. From the office, unlock your door for the dog walker; manage key codes and settings from the airplane; and receive text alerts about an alarm trigger or lock activation. This extended nervous system empowers home automation from anywhere in the world - using an app interface for smartphones and tablets.

The Touchscreen Deadbolt is the champion of convenience. Requiring only a screwdriver to install, the Touchscreen Deadbolt saves time. Keyless technology lightens the load, ridding worry of having keys to lose, hide, carry or forget. When you're running late and in a hurry, do you commonly forget to lock the door? The auto-lock feature has your back; intuitively securing your space anytime the door is left unlocked.

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Schlage Products

Touchscreen Deadbolt

With keyless entry, built-in alarms and industry-leading, durable design, the Schlage Touchscreen Deadbolt combines unsurpassed security and high-tech convenience into a beautifully strong, fully loaded, residential lock.

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