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Active Thermal Management 3E

MSRP: $124.95

The System 3E is comprised of two 80mm (3 1/8”) fans with finger guards, power supply, control box, and remote thermal probe. The fans start to operate when the probe senses a temperature of 88-90 degrees, and stop when the temperature drops by a few degrees. The noise level is extremely low - 19 dBA. Installation is easy, even for the do-it-yourselfer. Each fan mounts over a 3” diameter hole, and its wires plug into the control box. The power supply and thermal probe also plug into the control box, and the probe is placed on or above the heat source. No wire cutting, stripping, or soldering is required. A green led indicates that power is connected, while a red led indicates that the fans are operating.

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Since 1999, Active Thermal Management has been supplying quiet, temperature-controlled cooling systems for residential and commercial audio-video and computer installations. While other companies do sell cooling systems, ATM provides a very high level of expert technical assistance to end users and professional systems integrators alike to help select the right system for each installation, whether the installation is in the planning stage or a cooling system must be retrofitted to an existing installation. There are three criteria for selecting and installing the right cooling system. First, there must be sufficient airflow to carry off the heat dissipated by the equipment in the enclosure, whether it’s a credenza, closet, cabinet, or rack. Second, any noise generated by the fans in the system must be at a very low level; trading a noise problem for a heat problem isn’t the goal! Last, the installed cooling system must not spoil the appearance of the enclosure; grilles and diffusers must be as inconspicuous as possible. With well over 100,000 cooling systems installed, trust Active Thermal Management to solve any heat problem your home theater or commercial installation may have.

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The System 3E is a thermally-activated ventilation system for compact installations. Ideal for the typical 24"w x 30"h x 24"d cabinet, the System 3E is also ideal for use within a larger enclosure, where pockets of heated air must be dispersed.

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