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2013 Product of the Year Entrant

Definitive Technology SoloCinema XTR

MSRP: $1,999.00

Many consumers want an immersive, High-Definition sound experience to accompany their flat panel TV, without the hassle of rear speakers or bulky, five-channel pre-pro / amplifiers. SoloCinema XTR offers thrilling High-Definition music and movie sound from just two components; an ultra-slim soundbar, and a powerful, easily concealed, wireless subwoofer.

SoloCinema XTR’s award-winning, aircraft-grade aluminum chassis looks fantastic alongside plasma TVs. Visually, this is the industry benchmark. The slim, inert chassis suppresses unwanted vibrations, and functions as a heat-sink, dispersing heat and enhancing longevity. Only 2 3/8” deep, it is far more aesthetically appealing than most soundbars - a design triumph. Dedicated speakers for all five channels mean there are no rear or side speakers to conceal. Yet the sound is incredibly immersive, with full HD processing for Dolby True HD and DTS-HD. Blu-Ray and other HD digital sources sound incredible, as Definitive’s patented, Spatial Array surround technology creates a convincing surround presentation. Each driver and tweeter is powered by individual amplifiers. All signal processing is done digitally.

SoloCinema XTR features Dolby Volume technology, which levels the volume across video programs. Set your volume where you wish. Dolby Volume does the rest! You can change the center channel and bass levels in real time with the ergonomic remote control.

SoloCinema XTR’s “all in two pieces” design is easy for integrators to install, and for consumers to use. Its three HDMI inputs offer easy, single-wire per source hookup, delivering uncompressed HD audio with clarity and precision. Connect sources, and play! The supplied hardware ensures that SoloCinema XTR can be easily wall-mounted or table-top mounted, with nothing else needed. Built-in, rear-panel IR repeaters ensure that remote signals pass easily from a table-top mounted soundbar to your TV. The narrow cabinet, 250 watt, 8-inch subwoofer produces prodigious bass, yet easily conceals behind or underneath furniture.

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We know of no soundbar system offering everything that SoloCinema XTR offers. The award-winning Mythos XTR industrial design perfectly complements flat-panel TVs. The easily concealed, wireless subwoofer provides real bass - nearly invisibly.

Most impressive is the convincing High-Definition surround sound. Conventional soundbars are convenient, but offer 2.1 channel sound - not true, 5.1 channel HD audio. SoloCinema XTR delivers true 5.1 HD sound via three HDMI inputs and one HDMI output. HDMI connections are rarely found on soundbars, and are the only way to obtain uncompressed HD audio. SoloCinema supports today's best sounding High Definition formats, such as Dolby True HD and DTS-HD. One HDMI output connects to your High Definition TV set's HDMI input for easy, clean-looking installations.

SoloCinema XTR's patented Definitive Spatial Array technology, teamed with SRS Surround optimizer algorithms, deals effectively with the psychoacoustic problem of interaural crosstalk, for an amazingly realistic surround experience. The sonic impression is that of being at a movie theater, with effects speakers creating the rear image. SoloCinema XTR establishes a nearly 360 degree soundfield, engulfing you in lifelike surround sound, for a remarkable surround impression - without needing five speakers.

The ergonomic remote control offers features rarely found in even the best systems. Both center channel volume and bass volume can be adjusted independently of the overall level, for instant, "on-the-fly" adjustment of music and movies. You can increase the movie's dialog level without increasing the overall volume and waking the kids.

Sophisticated Sync software overcomes the technical problem of heavily processed video lagging behind the audio, creating visual images that don't jive with what we hear. Sync restores the proper A/V synchronization between the TV image and the sound.

Built-in IR repeaters on SoloCinema's rear panel relay the IR remote commands to the TV, so "table-top" mount installations cause no issue.


Beautiful appearance: The award-winning SoloCinema XTR industrial design perfectly complements today's ultra-slim, flat-panel TVs. Many soundbars are visually unimpressive, but SoloCinema XTR's stunning curves and slender appearance offer a timeless aesthetic.

Immersive sound: SoloCinema XTR delivers uncompressed 5.1 HD audio via three HDMI (1.4a) inputs and one HDMI output. SoloCinema XTR supports today's best sounding High Definition formats, such as Dolby True HD and DTS-HD. The easily concealed, wireless subwoofer provides real bass - nearly invisibly. Patented Definitive Spatial Array technology, plus SRS Surround optimizer algorithms, deals effectively with inter-aural crosstalk, for an immersive, 5.1-channel surround experience of stunning, uncompressed HD audio.

Operational simplicity: This "all in two pieces" design is easy for consumers to enjoy. Component complexity is not for everyone! Great sound is effortless, and component matching is unnecessary. The amplified soundbar and wireless, 200-watt subwoofer are an integrated system.

Easy installation, with intuitive operation: Table-top and on-wall brackets are included. One soundbar, one wireless subwoofer, and one remote… just add sources, and enjoy. Three HDMI 1.4a inputs ensure uncompressed HD sound, with "one wire per source" connections. Built-in, rear panel IR flashers ensure that the TV's IR commands aren't blocked by the bar.

Company Info


Definitive Technology has been building superior sounding home loudspeakers since 1990, when the company was founded by three lifelong audiophiles. Definitive Technology loudspeakers are among the most positively reviewed and most often honored high performance loudspeakers as well as being the best-selling premium home loudspeakers in the US.

Since its inception, Definitive has won an astounding number of awards and over-the-top enthusiastic reviews from Consumer Electronics industry associations as well as leading audio/video print magazines and websites.

Definitive Technology’s mission is to design and produce audio products that…
1. Deliver superior sound quality for music and movies;
2. Are easy to place and easy to set up to achieve the best sound;
3. Feature unique, easily differentiated and beneficial technologies;
4. Feature state-of-the-art components, parts and construction quality;
5. Feature elegant styling and timeless design;
6. And deliver a tremendous value

If sound quality is important to you, then you owe it to yourself to visit an Authorized Definitive Technology Dealer and experience the superior sound quality of Definitive Technology loudspeakers. Bring along your favorite CDs or DVD movies and be prepared to be amazed by Definitive’s unmatched musicality, lush spacious sound staging, lifelike depth of field, razor-sharp resolution, pinpoint 3-D imaging, crystal clear highs, utterly transparent midrange, and taut powerful bass.

Hear for yourself why Definitive Technology is the USA’s best-selling brand of high-end loudspeakers for music and movie perfection.

Definitive Technology
11433 Cronridge Dr.
Suite K
Owings Mills, Maryland
United States of America
Tel: 410-363-7148
Fax: 410-363-9998

Definitive Technology Products

SoloCinema XTR

Definitive’s SoloCinema XTR system offers cutting edge, award-winning industrial design; operational simplicity; and an immersive, 5.1 channel HD audio experience, from one ultra-slim, active soundbar, and a powerful, wireless subwoofer.

SoloCinema Studio

The SoloCinema Studio is a 5.1 channel powered home theater system with a sleek, minimalist design complementary of today’s flat-screen TVs that delivers a superior audio experience.

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