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2013 Product of the Year Entrant

EchoStar Slingbox 500

MSRP: $299.00

The industrial design of the Slingbox 500 is meant to blend with other home theater components while reflecting distinct and edgy design elements, and maintaining cross-platform consistency that further enhances the user experience.

The Slingbox 500 new user interface is simple and consistent design that provides a smooth and elegant experience, making set-up easy. The set-up process can be initiated and completed on the TV screen so that consumers can get up and running fast. Throughout the set-up process, relevant how-to videos are available, in a single click, to provide a source for on-the-spot learning and troubleshooting,

Slingbox 500 includes digital and analog AV inputs and HD outputs to maximize picture quality. With Full HD 1080p resolution, the Slingbox 500 ups the ante by providing picture quality that is amazingly crisp and clear. Consumers do not have to sacrifice quality for the convenience of placeshifting - they can have both. Customer feedback was a driving force in developing the Slingbox 500. Full HD was a requirement, as was built-in Wi-Fi to simplify connectivity. The Slingbox 500 is capable of placeshifting digital content received over an HDMI connection via the IP network or a USB device. Analog content is still accessible as well.

Recognizing the growth in smartphone usage over the past few years, the Slingbox 500 can receive content from a consumer’s smartphone to project onto the big-screen for easy viewing and sharing with others. Future firmware iterations will expand on features that will incorporate the use of personal media collections. The powerful hardware platform not only transcodes and placeshifts content, but also decodes content - displaying it on the TV - altogether part of an entirely new ecosystem that also includes SlingPlayer software as well as an entire suite of enabling backend services.

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Unlike other streaming devices available to consumers today, the Slingbox 500 does not rely on various subscription services with monthly fees or sporadic access to piecemeal content. The Slngbox 500 provides remote access to the content the consumer already owns, with no additional fees, both inside and outside the home. It is a new platform redesigned from the ground up, letting users view not only TV programming but also personal media content on any device, any screen, anytime, anywhere.

Its new industrial design marries key design objectives. First, it maintains consistency of the Sling brand while differentiating itself from competitors. Secondly, it conveys the concept of a new generation of the Slingbox product line. Its black matte and shiny finish, coupled with the freeform curvature that extends lengthwise from end to end, allows it to blend in while distinguishing itself from other devices.

Users increasingly want to view their personal content anywhere on any screen. To fulfill this need the Slingbox 500 includes SlingProjector, our first personal media feature. SlingProjector allows wireless display of personal media from smartphones onto the big screen. In addition to placeshifting TV content, the Slingbox 500 also integrates the ability for the user to placeshift their personal content from their hard drives, network attached storage and other in-home storage devices.

The Slingbox 500 also incorporates new content recognition technology to provide users with interactive program details, content recommendations and other social media features via new second-screen applications. Slingbox is still the only product that extends your complete living room experience TV to your laptop, tablet, smartphone or connected TV with sparkling HD picture quality and supports the widest range of platforms and devices of any other media streaming device.


Many new features have been incorporated to reflect technological advances and consumers' demands. The Slingbox 500 gives consumers another way to watch TV without paying additional fees or sacrificing picture quality on the devices they are already attached to.

Consumers will find the Slingbox 500 attractive because it will:
  • Extend their living room TV experience in sparkling 1080p high definition.
  • Connects to their DVR, cable set-top box or satellite receiver via HDMI and component or composite sources.
  • New simple on-screen setup
  • Easy Wi-Fi network connectivity
  • Sleek, innovative design
  • Watch and control their TV and all of its programming on a compatible smartphone or tablet using SlingPlayer software.
  • Access their Slingbox from the web on a high-speed Internet-connected PC or Mac.
  • On the road, at work or on vacation, anywhere anytime.
  • Wirelessly project photos from their smartphone and enjoy them on the big screen at home or wherever they go.

Consumers will get more out of their TV and media collection. Whether they are in another room, another house or another country, they can catch all of their favorite shows, sporting events and premium movies on their PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone or connected TV in Full HD at 1080p resolution.

Company Info


EchoStar Corporation (NASDAQ: SATS) is the premier global provider of satellite operations and video delivery solutions. EchoStar’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Hughes, is the world’s leading provider of satellite broadband services, delivering network technologies and managed services for enterprise and government customers in more than 100 countries.

Headquartered in Englewood, CO, with additional business units world-wide, EchoStar is a multiple Emmy award-winning company that has pioneered advancements in the set-top box and satellite industries for over 30 years, consistently delivering value for customers, partners and investors through innovation and outstanding quality. Over the last three decades EchoStar’s contribution to video technology has been a major influencer to shifts in the way consumers view, receive and manage TV programming.

EchoStar’s consumer solutions include HughesNet®, North America’s #1 high-speed satellite Internet service, Sling Media’s Slingbox® products, and EchoStar’s line of advanced digital video set-top box products for the European free satellite and terrestrial viewer markets.

100 Inverness Terrace East
Englewood, Colorado
United States of America
Tel: 303-706-4439

EchoStar Products

Slingbox 500

Slingbox™ 500 turns your tablet or smartphone into your TV, delivering picture quality in HD at 1080p. Features include on-screen setup, Wi-Fi, HDMI and photo-sharing, making it the top-of-the-line model.

Hopper with Sling by DISH

A whole home DVR solution that enables up to four HDTVs to share recordings, features, and the most advanced TV Everywhere package available today, including embedded Sling placeshifting technology.

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