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Proficient Audio Signature Series GL6 Dual 6-1/2″ LCR Speaker

MSRP: $750.00

Proficient Audio designed the Signature Series GL6 as a do-anything, use-anywhere audiophile-grade speaker. It can be used in any channel of a home theater system: front left, center and right, especially, but also surround channels. It can be used in a high-end stereo system, with or without a subwoofer. Its seven-layer gloss black finish is beautiful enough to be displayed in designer living rooms, yet the speaker’s discreet look and compact design makes it perfect for custom installations in cabinets or behind fabric walls.

The GL6’s 6.5-inch woofers use a graphite-impregnated cone material, which combines the best attributes of paper cones and aluminum cones. Like aluminum, the graphite material is extremely stiff, which keeps distortion low. Like paper, its resonances are well-damped, so it delivers cleaner high-frequency response well into the lower treble region.

The 1-inch silk-dome tweeter was selected for its ability to blend smoothly with the graphite woofers. The light weight of the silk dome gives the tweeter excellent high-frequency response, while the natural damping characteristics of the fabric remove the resonances and harshness often heard from metal-dome tweeters. Second-order (12 dB/octave) electrical crossover filters provide a smooth transition between the woofers and tweeter.

With sensitivity of 89 dB anechoic/92 dB in-room, the GL6 can be driven to high volume even with low-powered amplifiers.

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Company Info

Proficient Audio offers a wide selection of speakers & electronics. With loudspeakers for distributed audio, home theater & outdoor systems, Proficient is recognized for superior performance, superb build quality & great value.

Proficient Audio
1800 South McDowell Blvd.
Petaluma, California
United States of America
Tel: 877-888-9004

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Signature Series GL6 Dual 6-1/2″ LCR Speaker

The Signature Series GL6 is Proficient Audio’s flagship speaker, perfect for high-quality stereo and home theater systems. Its dual 6.5-inch graphite woofers and 1-inch silk dome tweeter are mounted in a well-braced MDF cabinet coated in a gorgeous seven-layer gloss black finish.

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