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2014 Product of the Year Entrant

Touchsquid Technology Inc. PRO remote app

MSRP: $49.00

The TouchSquid app gives high end Universal remote functionality to an Android phone or tablet. It is activity based, so one button can power on several devices and switch inputs as appropriate to the activity. It can control a wide variety of home theater devices through infrared or Wi-Fi depending on the capabilities of the device. On Samsung and HTC devices with built in IR blasters, the app requires no other hardware.

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User customizable graphics and pre-defined themes allow the app to take on a variety of interesting variations in appearance. Steampunk and Deep Space are two of a growing number of available themes. A very high level of personal support and interaction is provided by our popular user forum at Favorites screens with Network and Station icons make it easy to select a channel. Favorites screens can also have macro and web site short cuts. A huge database of IR codes and a growing list of IP supported devices means it is likely all your devices can be controlled.


Replaces a whole basket of conventional remote controls with a single convenient user interface. One button activities, and a screen that shows only the relevant controls make operation easy for the less tech-savvy user. Customizable macros and user graphics allow the whole experience to be tailored to the environment. A home theater enthusiast can customize the experience to their heart's desire.

Company Info

TouchSquid Technology Inc, founded in 2010, is located in North Vancouver, BC, Canada. Its flagship product is the TouchSquid GR universal remote control app for Android smartphones and tablets. TouchSquid has grown rapidly to become the top-rated developer of remote control apps for Android devices.

Touchsquid Technology Inc.
2146 Old Dollarton Rd.
2146 Old Dollarton Rd.
North Vancouver, Ontario
V7H 1W6
Tel: 604-929-2820
Fax: 888-505-9895

Touchsquid Technology Inc. Products

PRO remote app

The Touchsquid PRO Universal Remote app turns a Samsung Tablet or Phone into an amazingly powerful remote control.

Touchsquid GR

The TouchSquid GR universal remote control app turns your Android tablets and phones into powerful home theater remotes. With programmable Activities, Macros, Favorites, and selectable rooms, it’s tremendously versatile and can control your AV equipment through IP, external IR blaster, and/or the built-in IR transmitter on your mobile device.

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