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2013 Product of the Year Entrant

AMX Power Distribution Unit

MSRP: $1,395.00
  • Individually Controlled Outlets - Allows a remote reboot for devices in the rack reducing on-site service calls
  • Power Management of Connected Devices - Reduces standby energy usage (vampire power/phantom load)
  • Built-in Power Current Sensing on Each AC Outlet - Makes it easy to tell if a device is powered on or off
  • Switched and Monitored AxLink Bus Strips - Allows power and switching of AxLink or 12V powered devices (in banks of four)
  • Native NetLinx Device - Simplifies integration
  • U.S. and International voltages supported utilizing IEC plug receptacles and adapter cables
  • PDU includes 12 Volt power supply and 2 sets of 4 AxLink Bus Strips with power distribution saving costs over buying these devices separately
  • Front mounted reset button for easy access when installed in an equipment rack
  • Compact design only takes up one rack unit
  • Optional accessory cables provide convenient cabling either direct to device or 120 Volt NEMA adapters.
  • Localized Power Monitoring - Allows end users to track power usage of each component for management, troubleshooting or showcasing Green initiatives.
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The innovative Power Distribution Unit (PDU) allows you to control the rack as well as control the room. This PDU adds a basic level of control by allowing remote reset of devices via a power cycle, reducing the need to send a homeowner to a customer site. By managing power delivery, the PDU monitors energy consumption of each connected component and restricts power to any or all devices when not in use. With 8 individually monitored and controlled AC outlets, built-in 12 Volt power supply, 2 sets of 4 AxLink Bus Strips, and power monitoring for each outlet, the PDU is flexible and can reduce wasteful standby power usage. Native NetLinx control over AxLink integrates the PDU with AMX Control systems and Resource Management Suite (RMS).


Ideal for homeowners wanting to reduce energy usage costs, minimize their carbon footprint and protect valuable electronics. With AC and AxLink power, current sensing, and available temperature monitoring, this all-in-one easily adds both convenience and a Green element to installations.

Company Info


AMX has been simplifying the way people use technology inside and outside of their homes for over 30 years. Installed in impressive homes worldwide, our award-winning solutions enable homeowners to play music and videos; activate security systems; adjust lawn sprinklers, modify temperatures and more all at the touch of a button.

We also develop products and solutions for use in broadcasting, business, education, entertainment, government, healthcare, hotels, houses of worship, multi-dwelling units, network operations centers, private transportation, and retail.

3000 Research Drive
Richardson, Texas
United States of America
Tel: 469-624-7352
Fax: 469-624-7160

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Experience the ultimate in luxury the new AMX Modero™ X Series Touch Panels. This family of frameless, panoramic and widescreen touch panels feature edge-to-edge glass, which allows for more usable space for control, applications, video and a richly engaging user experience. In the age of multi-tasking, these touch panels are king.

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Power Distribution Unit

The PDU allows energy conscious homeowners to monitor their home’s energy consumption as well as determine which devices such as computers, game consoles and DVD recorders are powered on or off. And when combined with a Netlinx Master, PDU functions such as calculating energy costs and carbon dioxide outputs can be easily performed using an AMX touch panel. In a nutshell, the PDU helps homeowners’ energy management efforts PDQ…pretty darn quick.

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