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2014 Product of the Year Entrant

Elite Screens PolarStar

MSRP: $2,200.00

The PolarStar is EPV’s latest edition to its line of ALR or ambient light-rejecting projection screens. Polar Star is a polarized, angular reflective, ambient-light rejecting front projection screen for the Home Cinema and Commercial markets. It is also exceptional in its handling of Active and Passive 3D technologies. Its uses Elite’s Airbright™ 5D material for superb brightness and contrast through a combination of its highly reflective surface and a gray diffusion layered coating. This angular-reflective screen material has a brightness of 1.8 gain and a 120º wide viewing angle. This makes it ideal for home cinema and commercial applications alike. The material is an unsupported PVC (tension) multi-layer screen fabric with enhanced flatness and durability. The Silver-Gray protective surface coating is a reflective compound that is polarized to allow its use in active or passive 3D presentations while maintaining 92% polarization levels. It is designed to enhance a higher contrast ratio while playing in high definition video modes such as 4K, 1080P, 720P, WXGA and XGA formats. Current trends show that home theater enthusiasts like 3D but don’t want to be stuck with it 24/7. Customers want a versatile solution that gives stunning picture quality in light or dark room lighting with a 3D option on special occasions. That is why Elite Prime Vision developed an angular reflective material that is polarized for 3D but is equally serviceable as a 2D ambient light-rejecting material. The simplicity is brilliant; customers get exactly what they want in a projection screen, when they want it. PolarStar is a perfect companion with ceiling mounted projectors and alternating 3D projection systems. It utilizes the same 3.5” framework seen on EPV’s series of Peregrine fixed-frame projection screens. This makes it an easy-to-assemble product with sliding wall brackets to ensure a perfectly centered installation, every time.

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PolarStar distinguishes itself from other brands by providing a multi-role ALR (ambient light rejecting) solution to either home or commercial projection settings. Business environments typically have higher levels of ambient light. That being said, the concept of the large home theater screen coming out of the dedicated room and assuming its role as a central fixture in residential design is rapidly becoming the norm. In either environment, the lack of light control doubled with the demand for superior picture quality makes this product essential. To date, other makers focus on providing matte white as the status quo while limiting ALR screens to the home theater room. Polar Star features a screen material (Airbright5D) with a 1.8 gain brightness level. This means that in a well lit room (+50 foot lamberts); it can eliminate the majority of the wash-out effect caused by ambient light while nearly doubling the image brightness of a matte-white screen. In addition to that, the PolarStar delivers over 4 times the contrast for clear picture resolution. Thanks to the angular reflective property of its material, the PolarStar is ideal for use with ceiling mounted projectors as opposed to that of other brands of ALR screens. As with other ALR screens, the Polarstar has the superior brightness levels needed for those times where a 3D presentation is needed. The standard matte white projection screen is wholly inadequate for this role. However, brightness is not the only thing needed to create a professional grade 3D presentation, especially for theater-grade passive 3D imagery. The material must be polarized to maintain the separation of vertical and horizontally aligned imagery created by both linear (LCD) and circular (DLP) passive 3D systems. The PolarStar is designed to maintain 92% polarization; other ALR screen materials are not.


The ability to gain greater access to security and personal protection, in many instances, is a must-have addition for customers who buy a whole house automation system. URC’s TRF-ZW1 Z-Wave Extender is the natural choice for users to enter the foray of Z-Wave integration with a Total Control system and enjoy the added security benefits they’re looking for. It provides two-way control for two-way enabled Z-Wave products (e.g., Schlage, Baldwin, Qwikset, Black & Decker, Yale, Leviton, Cooper, GE and more). URC’s TRF-ZW1 Z-Wave extender also provides advanced features via an extremely affordable annual service for $2.00 per month that allows access of the TRF-ZW1 online from any location to enable password-protected setup and control. User benefits include email and SMS text notifications when doors are opened plus the ability to see history and/or status of connected Z-Wave products.

Company Info

Elite Screens, Inc. is a full line projection screens company based in Los Angeles County, California. As a leading American screen company, we deliver our promise of awarding winning quality through cost effective products for today’s discerning video enthusiasts. We produce a variety of front, rear and acoustically transparent projection screen materials for virtually any projection environment.

The Elite staff believes that when a customer gets their projection screen, it should include the full package instead of being “accessorized” for an additional cost like some of our competitors do. Elite products include what is needed to set up the screen and have it working without having to buy anything extra. There is black-backing on matte screens to eliminate light penetration, standard velour surfacing on all of our fixed frame screens to prevent glare and critical items like IR & RF wireless remotes, low voltage wall switches, RJ45 Ethernet control packages and built-in 5-12 volt trigger ports are all included.

Every screen carries a comprehensive 2-year to lifetime warranty, with a large on-hand inventory to fulfill your immediate distribution requirements. In addition, all Government, Education, Military, and House of Worship purchases get an exclusive 3-Year warranty. Our commitment to excellence in award winning product quality and service has allowed us to forge strong and lasting relationships with our resellers and distributors. This ensures that Elite Screens will continue to be a prominent member of the Audio-Visual manufacturing community for many years to come. We look forward to serving you in the future.

Elite Screens
12282 Knott St.
Garden Grove, California
United States of America
Tel: 562-483-8198
Fax: 562-483-8498

Elite Screens Products

Peregrine (Lunette) AcousticPro 4K

The Peregrine Acousticpro 4K projection screen has next-generation high resolution 4K acoustically transparent material. It’s available in either a flat or curved frame in various sizes and aspect ratios.


The Dark Star is professionally engineered to incorporate optical filters that actively reflect a projected image while preventing indirect or ambient light from “washing out” the picture. The retro-reflective material has been designed specifically for the home theater environment. With the sublime balance of gain, contrast and viewing angle, the DarkStar brings a hard-hitting performance to either a well lit or dark projection room. The 1.4 gain material offers dazzling brightness with color neutrality while maintaining superior contrast for enhanced black levels. From a microscopic perspective, the DarkStar utilizes a complex design that enhances brightness, filters ambient light and even provides exceptional contrast all within its .03mm thick material. Direct light is reflected back toward its source with a half gain of 35° horizontally and 16° vertically. This combination of retro-reflective filters and neutral black contrast layers creates an image where “black-level” details are easily seen without compromising the color balance. In addition to this, a durable surface coating diffuses the light to eliminate hot-spotting, glare or other visual artifacts commonly encountered with higher-gain screens. Lastly, the material’s durability makes it ideal for either fixed, curved or even roll-up screen applications.


Designed from the ground up to be a seamless part of URC’s Total Control system, the TRF-ZW1 provides a seamless gateway to allow control of Z-Wave-enabled products. Enjoy control of Z-Wave door locks, lighting and more from any Total Control interface including remotes, keypads and smart phones or tablets. This piece opens up Total Control to the broadly appealing world of Z-Wave integration providing yet another avenue to take total control of more components in and around the home with URC. This secure system also features an annual online service allowing password-protected setup and control of your Z-Wave devices. Security is becoming increasingly important to homeowners, and this URC product provides new piece of mind for everyone in the family. Conveniently receive email and SMS text notifications when doors are opened. Use your remote screen to see who’s at the door right from your kitchen or living room. Or, imagine the comfort you could feel knowing that you could have certain lights go on and off at times you choose; making the house look lived in even though no one’s there. With the TRF-ZW1 gateway as part of a Total Control system, all this and more is possible.


Airflex5D-5S is a projector stacking processor that precisely aligns the images of multiple projectors vertically and horizontally into a single 2D or even passive 3D (linear or circular) image with superior brightness levels. High-end 1080P projectors that produce 10000+ lumens are upwards of $50K to $80K or more! When breaking down the cost-to-lumen ratio, this is about $5-8 per lumen in picture brightness. However, with an AF5D-5S system, you can get similar results by using a combination of 4x standard 3000 lumen projectors with a pair of AF5D-5S stacking processers and get similar results while paying on average below $1 per lumen. The Airflex5D units can accommodate up to 1920 x 1200 resolution projectors with dual-channel geometric image correction while supporting de-interlacing, scaling and image enhancement. The innovative design creates a high-performance image similar to the high-dollar, high-lumen commercial 1080P projectors. The Airflex5D-5S utilizes geometric image correction that is crucial in projecting on extreme curved or dome screen projection arrays. This is a groundbreaking opportunity for home theater enthusiasts because it finally makes the superior but costly passive 3D array affordable to the average consumer’s budget. with a choice of circular or linear passive 3D performance.

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