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2013 Product of the Year Winner

Linear PERS-4200

MSRP: $320.50

Personal emergency reporting technology has advanced to new levels with the Linear PERS-4200, a cellular-capable tabletop console that receives signals from up to 16 wireless transmitters, and offers an array of communication, security and convenience features not previously seen in a PERS device.

Reliable emergency reporting and alerting are the most important features, but Linear also introduces several important innovations. Temperature sensors constantly monitor ambient conditions, and, if hazardous, will send an alert for assistance. Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors can be added to the system further enhancing the PERS-4200’s emergency detection capability. An emergency alarm signal can be triggered by the illuminated HELP button on the top of the console or with any of a selection of Linear wireless transmitters. An activity timer can also send an alert if no activity has been reported over a pre-set amount of time. Reminders in the form of multilingual voice prompts can even be set to play at intervals, reminding users to take medications, go to appointments and more.

Adding to the value are a variety of communication options including 2-way voice activation (full duplex), plus 2-way manual and 1-way listen-only audio through the console’s built-in high-sensitivity microphone and speaker. After completing its local alarm sequence, communications with central station monitoring personnel begins. Two-way communication can also be initiated without any subscriber action, if required. This occurs when authorized individuals call the console from any touchtone telephone and activate two-way voice communications by keying in a four-digit password. (This feature operates only on land-line telephone installations, and is not supported for the optional UMTS-3G cellular module).

With 1,000 feet of transmitter coverage and upgradeable firmware, the PERS-4200 is an emergency reporting system without peer.

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Linear considered every aspect of safety and emergency reporting when designing the PERS-4200. The system is supported by a unique feature set that includes basic ease-of-use traits, like having Braille characters to identify buttons, to high tech differentiators, such as a remotely-controllable speakerphone.

In addition to offering temperature, smoke and CO2 detection, reminder messages and call management functions, the PERS 4200 delivers a wealth of other distinguishing options when compared to other emergency reporting devices. For instance, the digitally synthesized voice can verbally say things like, "emergency", "fire", "high temperature alert", "low temperature alert", or other system operation, setup, and supervisory prompts from its 165-word vocabulary, in English, Spanish, or French with a firmware upgrade. Supervisory functions can also alert a user when a transmitter's battery is getting low thus avoiding any chance of losing access to the emergency signaling function.

For call management, the PERS-4200's digital communicator can route calls to up to three telephone numbers: primary alarm contact, secondary alarm contact, and supervisory. General reporting codes and individual sensor reporting codes are programmable for the 4x2 (Point-to-Point), Ademco Contact ID or SIA transmission formats. The telephone line is constantly monitored, and line failure and restoral can be programmed to be locally announced by the console, another Linear innovation.

The PERS-4200 console has provisions for a rechargeable backup battery that allows for proper system operation during AC power outages. A load-shed battery save feature allows for out-of-service storage of the console without discharge of the battery. During power outages, the HELP button indicator will flash green, signaling that the unit is on backup battery power. A signal can also be issued to the central station, if so desired.


More of the population is living longer with many people choosing to stay at home for as long as possible. The PERS-4200 provides the ultimate benefit by offering peace of mind to the elderly, people with disabilities and their caregivers and loved ones. With a combination of communication, safety and detection features not found in other PERS devices, the Linear PERS-4200 provides benefits that contribute to healthier aging and safer living.

To simplify operation, the PERS-4200 actually speaks to a subscriber with alerts, setup options and supervisory prompts from its 165-word vocabulary. The device is almost like a personal assistant for users since it can be used to remind users to take medications, meet their scheduled ride, get ready for an appointment and more.

The benefits Linear's PERS-4200 offers to caregivers or loved ones might be even greater, like the activity timer that can be programmed to send a 'Failure to Report / No Activity' signal if a preset amount of time elapses before a transmitter is triggered or the console's HOME button is pressed. Whether installed in a single-home residence, a 55+ Community or an assisted living facility, the PERS-4200 ensures an immediate response to virtually any emergency situation.

Company Info


Focused on Customer Success. 50 Years Strong.

Linear LLC was co-founded in 1961 by two engineers, and soon became a pioneer in radio frequency (RF) product development. Today, the company is a global leader in the design and manufacture of residential and commercial
garage, gate and door operators; access control systems; security and personal emergency reporting systems; intercom and music systems, audio/video/data systems; and central vacuum systems.

An industry leader and innovator, the company has developed hundreds of ground-breaking electronic products during its five decade history, marking many industry firsts with numerous awards. Product advances enhance user convenience, while also providing multiple benefits valued by professional dealers and installers.

Among them: product features that simplify and speed installation and troubleshooting, and modular designs that make components interchangeable, resulting in versatile, flexible product families that also reduce inventories.

Each of Linear’s 1,700-plus employees shares in the effort to deliver a positive customer experience, ranging from providing world-class, evolutionary products, a full suite of technical services, flexible and effective training, and hands-on sales support that delivers profits and value.

The company is well-respected for quality, reliability and performance in the field. Its reputation, together with the sheer number and variety of its products, make Linear a trusted, “one stop” resource for a diverse professional
customer base.

1950 Camino Vida Roble Ste 150
Carlsbad, California
United States of America
Tel: 760-438-1587
Fax: 760 431 8509

Linear Products


Linear’s easy-to-use and easy-to-install PERS-4200 is a supervised, wireless emergency reporting solution designed to help residential users quickly summon assistance, with advanced communication, reminder, alert, alarm, management and help features.

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