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2013 Product of the Year Winner

Pakedge Device & Software K64U Pre-Configured Gigabit Router and Power over Ethernet Switch Kit


The Pakedge K64U Preconfigured, Multi-VLAN, Gigabit Router and Power over Ethernet Switch Kit offers 24 ports of full Power over Ethernet (PoE) connectivity and incorporates Pakedge’s exclusive Unified Threat Management (UTM) parental website controls and system antivirus.

It provides the highest levels of audio/video bridging (AVB) and smart home networking performance, along with easy installation and robust security. The K64U is ideal for streaming high-definition IP camera feeds and handing high-speed wireless transmission.

The K64U includes the Pakedge R6V router, SW-24P fully managed 24-port gigabit Ethernet switch and mounting brackets. It offers extensive connections including 23 VLAN gigabit switch ports to accommodate larger networks, six preconfigured VLANs including a secure guest VLAN, four fiber ports for longer cable runs and more.

The K64U is designed for easy installation. It comes preconfigured for a wide variety of applications, from basic networks to complex residential systems. Each device on the network can be prioritized, enabling more efficient network operation.

The K64U’s gigabit speed delivers the fastest possible network and WAN speeds to ensure reliable audio/video bridging performance for all connected devices. It provides 15.4 watts of PoE power, and each port can be individually and remotely power cycled.

The Pakedge K64U provides extremely high parental and security protection, thanks to its UTM Unified Threat Management functionality that blocks viruses, questionable websites and other unwanted content at the router before it can get past the firewall. UTM lets parents select three levels of user access (for example, teens and adults can access social media but younger children can’t). UTM blocks unwanted website groups for the entire home and blocks selected devices from questionable websites.

The K64U includes additional pro-active security services that provide superior protection against phishing and other threats. Security scanning is done within hardware rather than software, for increased network speed.

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The Pakedge K64U is specifically designed for custom-installation applications, unlike other manufacturers' products that are not optimized for audio/video bridging and smart home networking. It is an enterprise-grade product that is engineered to provide the highest levels of reliability and performance.

The K64U is designed to make installation easy, with features like preconfigured VLANs, color-coded rear-panel jacks that enable a faster, cleaner installation in an A/V rack without any messy wires protruding from the front, and quiet operation that enables the K64U to be placed in an equipment rack or entertainment cabinet without disturbing anyone with unwanted noise.

The K64U incorporates Pakedge's exclusive UTM Unified Threat Management capability, which blocks viruses and unwanted websites before they ever reach the network. This feature provides a high degree of security eliminating the need for store bought software at the gateway level. It also allows parents to select different levels of password-protected access for different users. Visitors who bring their devices into the home, such as a teenage daughter's friend, will also be blocked from accessing unwanted content.

The K64U enables the installer to set up a guest network apart from the main network, and control the level of access that guest users have. It offers extensive connectivity including 24 ports of full PoE, two WAN ports, a DMZ port for easy connection of web and ftp servers or gaming consoles, four fiber ports and more.

All cables are installed from the back. This feature was pioneered by Pakedge and unique to the custom-installation market, and enables a clean, uncluttered installation in a structured wiring panel, equipment rack, cabinet or on a shelf. Blue front-panel LED status indicators provide real-time status monitoring.


The Pakedge K64U offers a number of unique and useful benefits that can be summarized as follows:

- Features and functionality designed specifically for custom-installation
- Optimized for audio/video bridging applications
- 24 ports of full Power over Ethernet
- Ideal for streaming high-definition IP camera feeds and handling wireless transmission
- Can accommodate devices such as high-definition megapixel IP cameras and streaming high-definition video over IP
- Ease of installation - the K64U comes preconfigured for a wide variety of applications including preconfigured VLANs
- Exclusive UTM Unified Threat Management protection provides robust security by blocking unwanted content and viruses before they reach the network
- Offers three levels of parental control for accessing or preventing access to websites
- Prevents outside devices (for example, a visitor's iPad) from accessing unwanted content
- Extensive connectivity with 23 gigabit-speed ports, four fiber ports, dual WAN ports, a DMZ port and more
- Color-coded rear-panel jacks for a clean installation without messy wires protruding from the front of an equipment rack
- Extremely reliable, enterprise-grade operation
- Can be easily reconfigured if desired
- Enables setting up a guest network that is kept separate from the main network
- Quiet operation allows the K64U to be set up near the user's location without unwanted noise

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Responsible networking is the Pakedge Way!

  • We provide reliable, high performance, and efficient products
  • Our goal is to accommodate the needs of the dealer with the solution that best fits their needs
  • Always receive exceptional support from our technicians!
  • Work with our educated and friendly sales team to design the perfect system!
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Pakedge Device & Software
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Pakedge Device & Software Products

K64U Pre-Configured Gigabit Router and Power over Ethernet Switch Kit

The Pakedge K64U Preconfigured, Multi-VLAN, Gigabit Router and Power over Ethernet Switch Kit provides the highest levels of custom-installation home networking performance, along with easy installation and robust security.


The Pakedge BakPak app enables an iPad®, iPhone™, Android device or web browser to configure Pakedge products, monitor Pakedge and other manufacturers’ devices, control system-wide power and enable automatic system status notifications all via the cloud. The BakPak mobile app allows management of all IP devices on a network from the cloud. BakPak works with the Pakedge NP36 Cloud Appliance to deliver this performance. BakPak is capable of monitoring multiple installations and provides mobile alerts – allowing a dealer to find and repair problems before they’re ever discovered by the end-user. BakPak’s “killer app” feature — the ability to add and monitor third-party devices — enables dealers to be fully aware of users’ networks at all times, all from a free app. BakPak enables a mobile device to remotely power cycle the PoE ports on Pakedge switches and power distribution units and remotely monitor Pakedge and other manufacturers’ devices. The app lets also installers add multiple jobs/locations to their project databases, with multiple devices per location. Systems integrators can store all their device profiles and settings on their mobile device for immediate access wherever they go. They can also back up all their profiles and settings to the cloud or a local device.

P8 Intelligent Power Distribution Unit

The Pakedge P8 Intelligent Power Distribution Unit is designed to provide the highest degree of AC power protection and comprehensive on/off power startup and shutdown capabilities in a custom-installation or smart home network. The P8 provides eight AC outlets and has an Ethernet connection, making it ideal for smaller installations or where space is at a premium. Each outlet can be remotely turned on and off via access to a LAN, by e-mail or by using Pakedge’s BakPak app for Apple® IOS, Android devices and web browser interface. The P8 has auto-ping self-healing and equipment reboot functionality. The P8 will ping a connected device every 15 seconds and automatically reboot the device if necessary while notifying the dealer via e-mail. This capability saves the dealer a support call to the homeowner’s residence. The P8 can be programmed to schedule power reboot events at regular intervals. It can also monitor AC power consumption. The P8 is designed for easy installation, with pre-labeled AC outlets and Ethernet connections. It can be used with Pakedge’s 1U brush plate and 2U/3U cover plate for a clean, neat appearance. The P8 can also be used with optional heat and humidity sensors.

W7 Dual-Band Concurrent Ultra High Range and Throughput Wall-Mount Wireless N Access Point

The Pakedge W7 Dual-Band Concurrent Wireless Access Point (WAP) offers simultaneous 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz operation with improved range, data throughput and reliability along with greater configuration options. The W7 utilizes Pakedge’s exclusive Smartwav™ technology to “learn” about the wireless environment around the WAPs, and direct its signal toward client devices and around potential sources of interference. This allows a more powerful signal with greater coverage. The W7’s band steering can automatically push capable devices from the 2.4GHz band to the less-congested 5.0GHz band for improved performance. It employs Pakedge’s TruStream™ technology to provide best-quality streaming media performance. TruStream allows the W7 to prioritize network traffic and ensure that high-priority traffic like streaming video or VoIP is given precedence. The Pakedge W7 is optimized for use with smartphones, tablets, laptops and home control devices. Its SectorMaxx™ software takes a new approach to handling environmental wireless “noise.” SectorMaxx optimizes the device’s signal-to-noise ratio, yielding up to three times the broadcast range of traditional wireless access points. The W7 integrates with the Pakedge BakPak™ cloud-integrated mobile and web app that enables reporting and basic maintenance to be done from anywhere in the world across any platform including browser, tablet and mobile device access.

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