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2013 Product of the Year Entrant

Ooma HD2 Handset

MSRP: $59.99

The new cordless Ooma HD2 Handset adds smart phone features to the home phone via the Ooma cloud-enabled platform and taps the full range of features offered by Ooma’s home phone service.  The HD2 Handset boasts a two-inch color screen which allows users to see the picture of a caller in the user’s contact list when the phone rings. Pictures and contact information can be imported from Facebook, Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Outlook and Mac Address Book.

The cordless handset offers superior security and range afforded by the latest DECT technology without interfering with home Wi-Fi networks or other home electronics. Up to four handsets can be used with each Ooma Telo.

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The Ooma HD2 Handset offers improved "HD Voice" call clarity and offers smartphone features made possible by the Ooma cloud-enabled platform. Merging the Ooma Telo and new Ooma HD2 Handset will result in cutting-edge HD Voice call clarity, as it captures double the voice data to so that it is twice the fidelity of standard phone calls. Your ears will enjoy a richer, more natural-sounding conversation.


Picture caller-ID allows you to see the pictures of callers in your contact list, which is easy to setup as the phone supports importing pictures and contact information from Facebook, Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn and other sites.

One-touch voicemail access lets users check messages anywhere in the home, and there's an intercom to talk between handsets or transfer calls.

The handset's speakerphone and headset port keep hands free for multitasking during calls. Another useful feature is the ability to configure a handset so it can be used as a baby monitor.

Company Info


Since the very beginning, Ooma has been committed to transforming the landscape of home phone service. We took into account everything that was wrong with home phone service today (too pricey, limited, and inflexible) and made it our mission to reinvent it.

At the center of our efforts you’ll find the Ooma Telo which is actually a highly sophisticated computer that, when connected to the Internet, delivers free calling with extremely high quality service and advanced features that turn an ordinary phone into a smart phone for your home.

With Ooma, you own your dial tone and the right to say goodbye to your phone company forever.

1840 Embarcadero Rd.
Palo Alto, California
United States of America
Tel: 650-566-6600

Ooma Products


The new Ooma Linx wirelessly connects phones, fax machines or other telephony devices around the home to the Ooma Telo using the latest DECT technology. It also gives users the convenience to install their main phone anywhere in the home if the Ooma Telo is installed in a remote area of the home. For Ooma Premier subscribers, the Ooma Linx provides access to a second phone line without using the Ooma Telo HD2 Handset.

HD2 Handset

Introducing the new Ooma HD2 Handset. Get the latest cordless phone technology and features of a smartphone never before found in a home phone. The Ooma HD2 Handset offers improved HD Voice call clarity and features made possible by the Ooma cloud-enabled platform. If you’re an Ooma Premier subscriber, the handset also allows you to take full advantage of advanced features like the Instant Second Line and Private Devices.

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