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2014 Product of the Year Entrant

D-Link One-Bay Standalone NVR (DNR-312L)

MSRP: $379.99

The DNR-312L is a standalone Network Video Recorder (NVR) that can view and record video simultaneously from up to four network cameras with H.264 recording. For added flexibility, it can record video from network cameras located in local or remote sites to a dedicated hard disk without a PC and enables users to output video directly to an HDTV via a HDMI connector. Users are provided with a variety of options for viewing and organizing camera footage on-screen. For a system with multiple channels, users can simply drag and drop selected cameras to the viewing area. Camera names and recording statuses are displayed via the on-screen display. A single camera may be viewed full-screen with two-way audio support. Users can also control pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) functions from within the interface or by directly clicking on the video. The DCS-312L is produced with the highest level of engineering expertise in the areas of plastic injection molding and manufacturing under the strict compliance of ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 standards. All components are thoroughly inspected and tested before, during and after the manufacturing process to ensure the highest quality results.


The DNR-312L is a standalone storage enclosure device that can view and record video simultaneously from up to four network cameras — no PC needed. The DNR-312L supports the full-line of mydlink™-enabled cameras but you can also view and record from D-Link’s extensive line of prosumer and business IP Network cameras, making it an ideal DIY security solution for consumers. The DNR-312L features one hard drive bay supporting SATA II 3.5" HDD interface with up to 4TB hard disk capacity. Equipped with D-Link’s award-winning mydlink services, the DNR-312L can be accessed remotely on any PC via standard web browsers or from iOS and Android mobile devices via the free mydlink app. Once connected, users can watch live video from any of their cameras, or playback recorded footage with the intuitive on-screen controls. The DNR-312L and the mydlink service have no set up fees or subscription costs, which gives home and business users an affordable and flexible way to ensure their property and loved ones are secure.


The affordable mydlink One-Bay Standalone NVR (DNR-312L) is designed to provide an easy-to-use IP camera video recorder solution for home surveillance. Typical IP network video recorders are challenging and complicated to setup and configure, lack easy remote viewing and management — the DNR-312L brings the power and ease-of-use of a D-Link Network Attached Storage (NAS) enclosure with the integration of the mydlink cloud service for remote management and viewing of videos. Designed with an HDMI and two USB ports for connecting to a TV, mouse or expanding storage, the DNR-312L is a standalone and complete solution that does not require a separate PC to view and monitor video from the connected IP cameras. In addition, it supports real-time monitoring and playback on mobile devices via the free mydlink app or from standard web browsers (either from the mydlink website or NVR video output). For added flexibility, the DNR-312L provides continuous recording while a user is viewing live video or searching playback at the same time.

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D-Link is the global leader in connectivity for home, small business, mid- to large-sized enterprise environments, and service providers. An award-winning designer, developer, and manufacturer, D-Link implements and supports unified network solutions that integrate capabilities in switching, wireless, broadband, storage, IP Surveillance, and cloud-based network management. For more information visit, or connect with D-Link on Facebook ( and Twitter (

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D-Link Products

Gaming Router (DGL-5500)

With revolutionary Gigabit AC wireless speed, GameFuel with StreamBoost technology for intelligent bandwidth allocation and Gigabit Ethernet, the DGL-5500L delivers the ultimate in gaming, media streaming and network control.

MovieNite Plus

D-Link’s MovieNite Plus streams unlimited content up to 1080p from VUDU, Netflix, YouTube, Pandora and even live video from D-Link Cloud Cameras on the big screen via the mydlink app.

Cloud Camera 2300

The D-Link Cloud Camera 2300 (DCS-2310L) allows home and small business users to keep an eye on what matters most 24 hours/day in 720p HD video clarity, even outdoors.

Wi-Fi Baby Camera (DCS-825L)

The D-Link Wi-Fi Baby Camera (DCS-825L) is a complete baby monitoring solution that provides at home and remote monitoring using a smart phone or tablet via the free mydlink app and service. Featuring HD video resolution, integrated motion and sound detection, temperature sensing, instant push alerts, night-vision technology, and SD card event recording, the DCS-825L provides an easy-to-see, integrated baby monitoring camera. With mydlink Baby Mobile app, parents can quickly and easily see their baby from anywhere with a Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G connection.

HD Cloud Camera with Color Night Vision (DCS-2136L)

Offering a complete night and day surveillance solution, the DCS-2136L boasts a small form factor and 802.11ac Wi-Fi providing the most up-to-date wireless standard and ensuring Wi-Fi compatibility for years to come. In addition, the camera delivers more bandwidth capabilities, which allows a greater number of cameras on the wireless network to help keep an eye on what matters most. For added flexibility the DCS-2136L is backwards compatible with 802.11n/b/g, enabling users to keep their current Wi-Fi standard without having to upgrade immediately. The DCS-2136L is equipped with Color Night Vision technology, an integrated white light LED allows the camera to show color images up to 15 feet away in complete darkness. The visible LED acts as both a deterrent for intruders and results in perpetrators looking directly into the camera, capturing crucial facial details for recognition purposes. The DCS-2136L is enabled with mydlink support, allowing users simple installation and integration into an existing network with the mydlink portal to view streaming video from a PC, notebook, iPhone, iPad or Android device.

HomeSense™ Wi-Fi Smart Plug

Protect your devices with the D-Link HomeSense™ Wi-Fi Smart Plug (DSP-W215). Remotely turn devices on and off, monitor power usage and prevent unpredicted disasters caused by overloaded electrical wiring. The DSP-W215 incorporates Wi-Fi for easy connection and simple set up. With its simple and compact design, the DSP-W215 can fit anywhere without obstructing outlets or furniture. This unique solution is equipped with a thermal sensor for an additional level of protection against devices causing overheating to the electrical wiring. Packed with sophisticated monitoring features and mydlink™ app support, the DSP-W215 is a feature packed solution for homes.

One-Bay Standalone NVR (DNR-312L)

The mydlink One-Bay NVR (DNR-312L) is a standalone storage device that can record video from up to four network cameras to its dedicated HDD storage without requiring users to turn on their PC. The DNR-312L offers real-time remote monitoring and playback via a web browser using the mydlink website or via the free mydlink app for access on a mobile device. The DNR-312L has the ability to continue recording live while a user is viewing or searching footage at the same time.

SharePort Wearcam 750 (DKT-510L)

The D-Link WearCam (DKT-510L) combines the versatile and powerful SharePort AC750 portable router with a slim and wearable HD camera, producing a versatile wearable camera. The DKT-510L capitalizes on the combination of router and ultra-sleek camera design, allowing users to record live and stream video on their mobile devices via the free mydlink Shareport app. The AC750 portable router connects your images and videos with the world. With a USB connector you can connect the camera directly to the router or use a standard USB cable for flexible placement. The router provides a wireless network to share a wired, Wi-Fi hotspot or 3G/4G wireless broadband connection. The WearCam has a professional megapixel CMOS sensor designed for high-quality video capture. Supporting sophisticated H.264 compression for the best balance of video quality and file sizes, it also features a microSD card slot for local storage of recorded videos and snapshots. A built-in microphone provides audio capture making it ideal for a wide array of environments and applications. Share life events with friends and family, or adventures such as hiking trips and traveling. Whatever it is, the wearable camera allows you to capture, store and share your life, however you live it.

D-Link Wi-Fi Smart Motion Sensor

The Wi-Fi Motion Sensor is part of D-Link’s line of Connected Home products, designed to make ones’ home smarter and safer. The compact Motion Sensor plugs into an open power outlet and alerts users with a push or text notification as soon as it detects motion.

D-Link Wi-Fi Smart Plug

The Wi-Fi Smart Plug (DSP-W215) is part of D-Link’s new line of Connected Home solutions, and along with the free mydlink Home mobile app, it enables users to control and monitor their home’s electronic devices from anywhere, anytime.