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2013 Product of the Year Entrant

Actiontec Electronics Multi-LAN Adapter

MSRP: $129.99

Actiontec’s new Multi-LAN Network Adapter is the Swiss army knife in home networking. Easy to use, the network adapter bridges multiple networking technologies (coaxial, Ethernet, and wireless) together, creating one universal network. The handy device is equipped with one coax F-connector, four 10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet ports, and 802.11n 2x2 2.4 GHz wireless.

Using the new multi-LAN network adapter, consumers can enjoy the best of both worlds: the accessibility and utter freedom of wireless networking, along with the reliability and performance of a wired MoCA™ (Multimedia over Coax) connection, utilizing existing coax in the home.

The versatile network adapter can be used in a multitude of ways. It can be a standalone wireless access point, a wireless adapter or simply a wireless extender to the existing wireless network.

The key applications are:

  1. Extend a Wi-Fi network: Consumers can use the device to extend the wireless network to all corners of the home. Plugging the adapter into an existing coax port instantly turns that port into a wireless network, so consumers can extend their home wireless network into traditional dead spots, like the basement or second floor.
  2. Add wireless support to a device: Let’s say a set top box or gaming console has an Ethernet port, but no integrated wireless support. The WCB2500M network adapter simply plugs into the set top box’s Ethernet port and the device is connected to the wireless network.
  3. Connect multiple devices: With four Ethernet ports, the adapter can bring Internet connectivity to multiple CE devices in a single location…for example, a set top box, gaming console and Blu-Ray player in the home theater
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Actiontec's Multi-LAN Network Adapter is powered by the proven and widely deployed MoCA-based silicon from Entropic Communications. Millions of homes in North America have an Actiontec MoCA solution. This gives consumers and service providers the peace of mind of deploying a leading, field-proven solution.

MoCA technology offers a powerful, 'no excuses' whole-home network for HD video and streaming media services, using the existing coax infrastructure found in the home. As a result, it's an ideal solution for creating a high performance home network as more than 90% of U.S. homes have coax installed, compared with less than 10% of homes with Ethernet installed.


Today's consumers want any content on any device, anywhere and everywhere in the home. Actiontec's new adapter brings superior wireless connectivity to even the most challenging places in the home. The versatile adapter gives consumers more options and flexibility for connecting their devices to the Internet by leveraging the coax backbone already in place in their home. As a result, consumers can have a high quality Wi-Fi signal in former dead spots, for example, connecting a gaming console in the garage or streaming an HD movie on a tablet in any room of the home.

And with the Multi-LAN Network Adapter, service providers can deliver on the promise of a better whole-home wireless entertainment experience, particularly for more demanding online applications such as gaming and streaming HD movies.

Company Info


Actiontec Electronics develops broadband solutions that connect people to the Internet, applications, and content they care about. Our products, including Gigabit Ethernet fiber routers, high speed bonded VDSL2 gateways, 4G LTE routers, DSL modems, and whole-home networking solutions, are deployed by some of the largest telecom carriers in North America. Alongside our service provider partners, we’re turning the promise of the digital lifestyle into reality, enabling consumers to enjoy any content on any device in any room in the house.

Actiontec Electronics
760 North Mary Avenue
Sunnyvale, California
United States of America
Tel: 408-752-7700

Actiontec Electronics Products

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Multi-LAN Adapter

By seamlessly integrating multiple networking technologies, the Multi-LAN Adapter creates the fastest whole-home network. It’s the Swiss army knife in your arsenal of networking devices.

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Actiontec’s EC2500c MoCA Network Adapter turns coaxial wiring into a high-performance Ethernet network, giving consumers an easy way to connect their home entertainment devices to the Internet.

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