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2014 Product of the Year Winner

Mirage Audio System

MSRP: $8,350.00

Streaming for sophisticated listeners, the Mirage Audio System is a professionally installed, whole-home audio distribution system that gives you the world of music at your fingertips.  Enjoy music you own along with convenient access to your favorite streaming services, such as Pandora, Rhapsody, Spotify, Slacker, SiriusXM and TuneIn Radio, or any music service supported on your iOS device with Airplay.

Autonomic’s patent pending TuneBridge™ technology blurs the line between your favorite streaming music services and the music you own.  Seamlessly access a universe of music simultaneously from a multitude of sources. Easily create and build a mixed playlist from songs heard on your favorite radio stations without disrupting playback.  Quickly create a Pandora or Slacker station based off the current artist, kickoff a quick search on Spotify or Rhapsody and add it all to a single queue.  When you”“re done discovering and exploring save your masterpiece to enjoy later. TuneBridge™ is the ultimate music discovery and exploration tool, blending together your personal listening pleasures while helping you to discover similar music styles, genres, new artists and songs.

Zone grouping allows you to tie in multiple rooms with the push of a button or bring in all rooms for party mode. Independent or group volume allows you to manage the volume level within a specific room or zone group.

The Mirage Audio System is intuitively controlled using the devices you know and love, including iOS, Android, any web-enabled device and the Mirage Media Controller app. 

The Mirage Audio System also works seamlessly with all of the popular automation systems so if you”“re looking to upgrade your home automation or add audio distribution the Mirage Audio System will suit all of your needs.

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The Mirage Audio System MAS-8 is a turnkey home audio solution allowing users to listen to their music collection combined with popular streaming music services in any room throughout the home. The package includes everything you need to control the system including an interactive app, in-wall control panels, and on-screen display (OSD). Simply add speakers and you are ready to enjoy party music on the deck while your friends stream “easy listening” in the kitchen—each with independent control of volume and music sources. Unlike competitive whole-house audio solutions that make sacrifices in sound quality, the Mirage Audio System's audiophile grade output is designed for use with premium quality loudspeakers. Like variety? The MAS-8 gives you access to content from iTunes or Windows plus streaming music services like Pandora, Rhapsody, Spotify, SiriusXM 2.0,, Slacker, plus local and international AM/FM radio stations via TuneIn. AirPlay compatibility enables guests to play their own songs from their iOS devices anywhere in the home. Gracenote technology delivers high-resolution artwork to match your music collection. The MAS-8’s easy-to-use Mirage Media Controller app for iOS or Android devices is available, and the MAS-8 can also be controlled using any web browser or via an OSD. The MAS-8 is compatible with major automation platforms, giving users seamless functionality within their existing control environment. Autonomic’s new Dealer Portal enables users to obtain the benefits of all MAS feature updates via download without the need to have a technician in the home. TuneBridge™ is unique to Autonomic and allows you to explore new music across streaming services and local content, bridging the gap between all sources. Listeners can also seamlessly bounce between local and streaming content and create customized radio stations with the single press of a button all based upon any artist that caught their attention.


The Mirage Audio System MAS-8 is designed to be either the ultimate standalone distributed audio solution or to be used in conjunction with most popular control systems. This flexibility streamlines the installation process and gives users an intuitive entertainment solution that is ideal for any application—from a few rooms to as many as 96 zones of audio programming. Leveraging the cloud synchronization capability of the MAS-8, users can easily update content and enjoy their music collection from multiple locations. The Mirage Audio System boasts desirable features such as advanced scheduling capabilities, allowing users to create playlists that run automatically in different zones and at specified times throughout the day. Album artwork shows up in brilliant high resolution thanks to Gracenote, and Autonomic’s proprietary TuneBridge technology enables users to discover new music and create mixed queues from both personal content and streaming music services. The MAS-8 offers listeners access the most popular streaming music with a wide variety of content available, and all easily controlled using the Mirage Media Controller app for iOS or Android devices accessible through the Apple App Store, Amazon AppStore or Google Play Store. The MAS-8 can also be controlled using any web browser or OSD.


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