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2013 Product of the Year Entrant

Honeywell LYNX Touch 5100

MSRP: $350, plus monthly monitoring

LYNX Touch 5100 (L5100) is a self-contained wireless security system that seamlessly combines life safety and home automation. The system supports Wi-Fi connectivity, 4G alarm communications, and Z-Wave-enabled home automation that allows you to control your thermostats, locks and lighting systems. As a self-contained security system with Wi-Fi connectivity and Z-Wave-enabled home automation, L5100 makes installation a fast and straightforward process for installation professionals by eliminating the need for wire runs.

A unique feature of the L5100 is its 4.5-inch full-color touchscreen display and available L5100 Connect app that allows you to fully control the system remotely within your home using iOS devices. L5100 can also be controlled from anywhere in the world with Honeywell’s Total Connect™ Remote Services. Total Connect is accessible online or as a mobile application. It’s available for iOS and Android devices.

The newest version of the L5100 includes a new solution that allows you to control garage doors directly from the keypad or Total Connect. The security system can also alert you via email if the garage door is opened or closed, and can automatically open or close the doors at pre-defined times. L5100 also features emergency alerts for tornado warnings.

L5100 makes it easy for you to add security and home automation to your home. It uses Wi-Fi connectivity and 4G alarm communications for transmissions to the central station, instead of a wired Ethernet connection – making installation of the system easy for security professionals.
Additionally, with embedded Z-Wave technology, the L5100 can support up to 232 Z-Wave enabled devices, such as thermostats, lighting and window shades wirelessly.  You can also feel confident that the L5100 will communicate alarm signals to the central station even during power outages. With built-in 4G alarm communications the system automatically finds the best signal for transmitting alarm events.

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The LYNX Touch 5100 is the first self-contained system to offer Wi-Fi alarm communications, as well as an alarm radio that can communicate via the 4G network, providing a longer-term solution for home automation and security. The system's 4G network is the most cost-effective, widely-deployed high-speed network in the country - ensuring alarm signals get through to the central stations. LYNX Touch 5100 also has the ability to send a signal through a Wi-Fi network - the same network used to connect PCs, smartphones and tablets in your home.

These alarm industry firsts will allow installers to more-easily provide local and remote services, which are increasingly popular among homeowners who want to control their security using mobile devices. Its compatibility with Honeywell's Total Connect Remote Services provides homeowners with a solution to operate security systems from a PC, tablet or smart phone. Additionally, it includes an optional Android mobile Internet device with a preloaded L5100 Connect application.

These capabilities make LYNX Touch 5100 an essential device for creating "connected homes" that improves daily life for homeowners.


Home security has become about more than just security. Today's home security systems are expected to also add lifestyle value and help create connected homes that tie multiple capabilities together. By also allowing users to utilize video and benefit from energy management by integrating with cameras, lighting, blinds, locks and thermostats, LYNX Touch 5100 provides these capabilities at an affordable cost in an all-in-one system - it truly represents home automation for the masses.


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Honeywell Products

LYNX Touch 5100

LYNX Touch 5100 is a self-contained security system that seamlessly delivers life safety and home automation to consumers. The system supports Wi-Fi connectivity and home automation through Z-wave-enabled devices to simplify installation for electronics installation professionals by eliminating wire runs. L5100 also includes 4G alarm communications to transmit alarm events.

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Tuxedo Touch with Voice

Honeywell’s security and home automation touchscreen controller, Tuxedo Touch with Voice, allows homeowners to control their systems with voice commands. The technology allows users to give verbal commands such as “leaving the house” to perform tasks including arming security systems, adjusting a thermostat, turning lights on/off, and locking doors.