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2013 Product of the Year Winner

OmniMount LIFT40

MSRP: $299.00

OmniMount’s LIFT40 redefines the TV wall mount category with a design that truly innovates mount functionality. Designed with patented CF (Constant Force) technology, the LIFT40 provides up to 18” of light-touch vertical travel in a mount that stays nearly hidden behind the TV. The technology has been streamlined into a low profile design, keeping the TV only 50mm from the wall. Even the tilt mechanism has been engineered to provide up to 10 degrees of smooth adjustability without the need for knobs or levers, which means no struggle and no sag. The LIFT40 is ideal for today’s lightweight and sleek TVs, supporting virtually any TV between 20-40 pounds.

OmniMount, a brand of Ergotron, is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2008, OHSAS 18001:1999 and ISO 14001:2004 - certifications that demonstrate their commitment to employing best-practice procedures in its facilities worldwide. This is demonstrated in the integrity of our products. Specifically, the LIFT40 is built with steel and aluminum construction for durability and has plastic cover for aesthetics.

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The introduction of patented CF (Constant Force) lift-and-pivot motion technology makes the OmniMount LIFT40 unlike any other TV wall mount on the market. The LIFT40 requires minimal user effort to achieve up to 18 inches of TV movement, promoting an interactive user experience and far more ergonomics than the competition. The motion technology allows for the product to move without knobs, levers or motors, offering quick and quiet adjustments - vastly different from some of the cumbersome full motion mounts on the market. Having so much flexibility takes the stress out of today's entertainment environments, since every user can tailor the TV to their liking. In addition, the quality control 10,000-cycle motion testing ensures a minimum of five years trouble-free height adjustability.

As a high-end product that's aggressively priced, the LIFT40 is also very installer friendly. Installers can really turn someone on to the exciting technology in today's interactive market and offer up a mounting solution that maximizes their TV investment. OmniMount has even made it possible for ambitious DIY'ers to easily install the product, thanks to YouTube installation videos, installation templates, and clear instructions of where to mount the TV to the wall. And, if the consumer runs into any issues, OmniMount offers customer care support through social media channels, live customer care chat and phone lines housed in Minnesota and Arizona.


As the dedicated home theater gives way to the media-rich family room, the need for AV accessories has changed. The demand for a traditional TV mount has evolved - users no longer need a TV to be locked into place, eye-level in front of the couch; they need mount accessories that are interactive and suitable for multiple activities. The LIFT40 is designed to accommodate the broad range of activities occurring around a family's TV, like game playing, group viewing, exercising and watching 3D movies. The 18 inches of light-touch height adjustability makes it possible (even for children) to safely change the height of the TV for the activity at hand.

The advantages extend beyond the multi-purpose home theater to also address health and wellness. Studies show that an overly sedentary lifestyle contributes to health problems and that one major culprit is time spent sitting in front of the TV. The LIFT40 is designed to encourage users to interact with their TV and make gaming and exercising more fun and comfortable. The 18 inches of travel, up and down, positions the TV at an optimal angle for both seated and standing activities. Interactivity adds a whole new level of fun and excitement to the home theater viewing experience.

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Why choose OmniMount? We support the technology that brings your home to life. And we’ve been doing it for over 30 years, so you can have confidence that our mount and furniture solutions are expertly designed and built to last. Support the technology you love with a brand you trust.

Since 1978, OmniMount has been a global product innovator, first pioneering the field of audio mounts and then expanding its scope to include a complete portfolio of A/V mounts and accessories that maximize the home theater experience. The company has been regularly honored with distinguished industry awards for groundbreaking design and superior quality.

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Tel: 480-829-8000

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The OmniMount LIFT40 is the first interactive low profile wall mount to offer 18” of smooth lift/lower movement of a TV, using patented Constant Force technology.

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