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Global Caché iTach Flex

MSRP: $139.95

Global Caché‘s iTach Flex, an industry first, is a smart end-point that WiFi or network enables electrical devices instantly. The Flex adds intelligence to the enabled device, allowing events and tasks to be triggered. In addition, the Flex supports HTML5 for web browser control from anywhere in the world. The Flex’s extremely small footprint, slightly larger than a pack of gum, is ideally suited for transparent coupling and seamless integration to any device in homes or businesses. The Flex’s unique hardware form offers the ability to bridge products and systems in a way never available before by featuring a WiFi or network connection and a standard 3.5mm jack that supports almost any type of protocol using Flex Link cables.

The Flex is backward compatibility with other Global Caché products, offers WiFi and wired TCP/IP connections on the network side and a universal 3.5 mm socket to support a 3.5mm jack cable that can connect an IR, serial, or relay cable (using the Flex Link Cables). The iTach Flex includes built-in IR learning and integrates with a no-charge cloud-based IR service, downloading the required IR codes to reside in the Flex locally using the onboard memory. The Flex ships with a mounting cradle that provides for simple permanent or temporary mounting in any location.

Because the Flex is based on open systems and industry standards, it integrates easily with smartphone and tablet apps, such as iPads, iPhones, and Android phones and tables, as well as with traditional centralized home control products. The product can be used in almost any environment to instantly add intelligence and network connectivity to a previously stand-alone device or system. Integrators can add iTach Flex devices as needed, making the automation and control system very scalable and adaptable.

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Global Caché© is dedicated to producing state-of-the-art connectivity products that enable technology in the commercial, educational, and residential markets. Our award-winning iTach, iTach Flex, and GC-100 Network Adapters provide the means for network-based automation and management software to access, control, and deliver services in a networked environment (wired and wireless) to diverse and previously unconnected devices and appliances. The iTach Flex, winner of both the International CES Innovations 2013 Design and Engineering Honoree Award and Commercial Integrator BEST Award in IP Enabling, is the first multi-functional smart end-point that connects almost any electronic device (serial, IR, relay) to a WiFi or TCP/IP network so it can be controlled and automated using an Android smartphone or tablet, iPhone, iPad, or PC. In addition, Global Caché© provides IR learners, sensors, receivers, and conversion cabling to connect previously unconnected systems to a network. Global Caché© sells through distributors, VARs, and OEMs. For more information on Global Caché© and our products and services or to place an order, visit online at or call us at 541.899.4800.

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Global Caché Products

iTach Family of Products

The Global Caché iTach is a family of products that quickly connects almost any electrical device to a network and includes a choice of wireless WiFi or wired TCP/IP connectivity to infrared (IR), serial (RS232), and contact closure (relay) equipment. All units include sensor input and built-in IR learning.

iTach Flex

The iTach Flex, winner of International CES Innovations 2013 Design and Engineering Honoree and Commercial Integrator BEST Awards, is the first multifunctional smart end-point connecting almost any device (serial, IR, relay) to a WiFi or TCP/IP network so it can be controlled and automated using a smartphone or tablet.

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