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2014 Product of the Year Entrant

iRule, LLC iRule

MSRP: $99.99

iRule’s most unique technical innovations are its cloud-based Builder, highly-customizable user interface, and amazing scalability.

Professionals and enthusiasts create remote controls in the cloud-based iRule Builder, then sync iRule apps running on an iOS or Android phone or tablet. iRule Builder, the iRule app, and simple, reliable, inexpensive hardware combine to form a platform that’s easy to use, and simple to deploy.

iRule is device-agnostic, controlling any infrared (IR), RS-232, or Ethernet-enabled audio/video equipment, as well as lights, heating/cooling, shades, security systems, garage doors, sprinklers and more, making it compatible with nearly any system or combination of components.

A fully customizable interface allows users to simplify controls, upload custom images, and personalize controls to preference or project requirements. iRule is also easily updated to control additional components or to migrate to the latest versions of smartphones and tablets, making it the last remote you’ll ever need.

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The areas where iRule stands alone are customization and personalization, scalability, and a price point unrivaled in the industry.

Mobile devices are often personal devices, so iRule is designed with that mind. Instead of the traditional one-size-fits-all “remote per room” concept, iRule offers users a custom-tailored and personalized experience. Nearly every aspect of the user interface is customizable, enabling an enthusiast or system integrator to tailor a remote control to offer as much — or as little — control and functionality as each user requires.

iRule offers deep integration with third party lighting and automation products in the form of drag-and-drop modules for systems such as Lutron RadioRA 2, HAI Omni, Universal Devices ISY, MiCasaVerde Vera Z-Wave, Radio Thermostat, Foscam, and more. Modules aren't just for automation, though. There are also modules for iTunes, Sonos, Onkyo-Integra, and Denon-Marantz. The Audio and Automation modules make it easy for installation professionals to integrate powerful system control along with rich, interactive media content streaming, home lighting, or security, and deploy it all in a customer’s installation in minutes.

iRule is also extremely scalable, appropriate for installations ranging from a single-room system or dedicated theater, to multi-room residential systems with automation, to retail and hospitality, all the way to highly custom commercial installations controlling dozens or even hundreds of devices in large facilities.

What really sets iRule apart from the competition is the customization, scalability, and value. iRule puts the "custom" back in "custom integration", and does it at a price that more customers can actually afford. Never before has such a customizable, flexible control solution been available to a such a wide audience.


iRule integrators and enthusiasts build remote controls “in the cloud”. No specific computer or software is required, and integrators can modify a customer remote without truck-roll to the customer’s home or business.

iRule requires no programming, and instead uses simple drag-and-drop actions to create and modify the remote interface. It’s so simple to use, professional integrators and enthusiasts alike can avoid expensive, time-consuming training, and get to work creating a personalized, custom remote control — just the way they like.

iRule’s flexibility allows installers to customize the user interface and tailor it to the needs and desires of his/her customers. Integrators can add customer images, floor plans, room photos, channel logos, and more. Rooms, equipment, or capabilities are easy to add to any system.

Another major benefit to iRule is its built-in user interface templates. A vast library of images are provided to customize the interface without the need to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a designer or a separate graphics package. Using iRule’s library of templates and images customized for installers and enthusiasts alike, systems are working and projects are complete in hours — not days. Experienced users can configure a remote in fifteen minutes and deploy a typical single-room installation in under 30 minutes!

Company Info

iRule, LLC
1555 Broadway Street
Detroit, Michigan
United States of America
Tel: 313-373-7610

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Join the revolution with iRule and get powerful customized control at a significantly lower price point compared to other solutions. Get a custom remote that runs on iOS or Android phone or tablet, and controls everything from a modest single-room entertainment setup to a whole-home automation system. Even more exciting, iRule can be deployed in minutes and managed remotely without specials hardware or software. iRule simply gives you the flexibility to add powerful control to any room — faster and easier.

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