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Infrared Resources, LLC IRP-BU Dual Frequency IR Repeater Kit

MSRP: $41.95
  • Compatible with all brands of A/V devices and infrared remote controls.
  • Excellent IR receiving range.
  • Small size Surface Mounted Sensor.
  • Self Auto Test function (Upon powering, the Blue LED will blink twice if everything is OK.)
  • IR Emitters blink when IR signal is transmitted (operation confirmation and trouble shooting)
  • IR Repeating hub is eliminated (all circuitry is self-contained in the IR receiver housing)
  • Simple Installation
  • Low Cost = Higher profit margins for Integrators

Most remote controls use 36 kHz to 56.7 kHz carrier frequency. Exceptionally, some remote controls use a special protocol, such as AT&T (38 kHz/RCMM) and Scientific (56.7kHz/MATSUSITA). The IRP-BU is designed to repeat a wide range of carrier frequencies (36 kHz to 56.7 kHz) of high data rate.

In order to repeat the wide range of carrier frequency, IR filtering technology is necessary. The IRP-BU is designed with this technology to prevent interference from external noise. (EX. According to our benchmarking, some brands are very weak from external noise. As a result, they have a limited transmission angle, distance, and position of sensor.) The IRP-BU has a different operation mechanism then other brands. It improves the transmission angle and distance. The improved response rate provides prompt transmission of IR signal.


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The IRP-BU IR Repeater System is dual frequency 38~56kHz. It operates multiple devices centrally located in a enclosed cabinet. It’s compatible with all A/V devices, and IR remote controls. Including ATT-Uverse model VIP1225 and VIP1216 , Scientific Atlanta STB’s, and name brand A/V Receivers. Excellent IR receiving range. IR Filtering Technology effectively blocks out external noise. Infrared Interference (IRI) Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) Electro-Static Interference (ESI) and Plasma TV and eliminate Sunlight etc. Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI) Plasma TV, Sunlight. We have eliminated the connector block as required with current IR Repeater Kits. This enables a clean and simple install! Operates with up-to-date Set Top Boxes without any problem and has a Self Auto Test function for the IR sensor. The IR sensor will automatically test itself. The Blue LED will blink twice when the power is plugged in if everything is OK. The emitters blink Red when IR signal is transmitted. The power supply has a Red LED confirmation. Includes optional USB power cable. KIT INCLUDES: IR Sensor with 9ft lead x1 IR Blaster x1 Power Supply IR-P x1 USB power adapter cable x1.

Infrared Resources, LLC

Portland, Oregon
United States of America
Tel: 503-936-4065

Infrared Resources, LLC Products

IR Repeater Kit

The IRP-2 IR Repeater System operates -2- devices and is compatible with all brands of A/V devices, remote controls, and is equipped with the most advanced IR Filtering Technology.

IRP-BU Dual Frequency IR Repeater Kit

Dual frequency 38~56kHz.Compatible with all brands of Set Top Boxes, A/V devices, A/V receivers, and infrared remote controls. Receiver, Emitter, and power supply equipped with LED confirmation. Great feature that makes trouble shooting simple and reliable.

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