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2013 Product of the Year Entrant

Wisdom Audio Insight Series

MSRP: $1250 - $5000

Wisdom Audio's new Insight Series® brings key core technologies and performance characteristics of their award-winning Sage Series™ to more accessible price points.

The Insight Series includes: the P2i, the P4i, the P6i and the L8i, and all incorporate newly engineered thin-film planar-magnetic drivers, custom-designed cone woofers and passive crossover networks. Wisdom Audio's proprietary planar magnetic thin-film driver designs offer significant benefits over traditional driver technologies. The advantages include superior resolution and detail, outstanding dynamic range, and in the case of the line source models, provide controlled vertical directivity, all of which add up to create a more consistent and predictable level of performance in your home.

Unlike Wisdom Audio's Sage and reference, namesake Wisdom Series, the Insight Series utilizes passive crossover technology, allowing the use of a single amplifier channel per speaker and removing the need for bi-amplification through separate processors or Wisdom Audio's SC-1 System Controller.

All Insight Series models employ steel baffles and rear bracing for incorporating the crossover, all drivers and the steel planar magnetic driver enclosures. The resulting very stiff baffle/driver assembly is mounted in-wall employing our aluminum Uni-Grip mounting system, offering an ultra-stable foundation for optimal performance in hollow wall installations.

To help ensure a predictable, musical and very satisfying sound in a wide range of rooms, each Insight model includes a Response switch. It is initially set to Flat, and the owner can opt for their preferred sound between this setting and the Target position, as it will sound less fatiguing, without giving up any detail.

The Insight Series provides exceptional clarity and effortless dynamics for use within dedicated home theaters. In addition, their ultra-thin, bezel-less grilles allow their integration into any room in the home where high quality music is desired, with their customizable grilles easily blending into the décor of the room.

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Wisdom Audio's planar magnetic drivers (PMD) offer significant benefits over traditional driver technologies. PMDs provide superior detail, outstanding dynamic range, and, in the case of line sources, provide controlled directivity as compared to alternative technologies, all of which add up to create a more consistent and realistic level of performance in your home.

Because PMDs are capable of covering a wider range of frequencies than traditional cone & dome designs, the PMDs used in the Insight Series deliver category-shattering clarity, superior resolution and detail and outstanding dynamic range into the critical midrange region where the human ear is most sensitive. Even in the case of our smallest model, the two-way P2i, the PMD covers from beyond audibility to 650Hz. There isn't a cone & dome design on the market that can match this.

For installations and budgets where the use of Insight Series line sources is possible, there are real-world advantages. Since true line sources, not to be confused with stacked, point source arrays trying to be line sources, effectively eliminate floor and ceiling reflections, they are especially valuable for large rooms or those with architectural challenges including cathedral or coffered ceilings, hard-surfaced floors, etc. But their singular benefit is heard in any room: you hear more of the speaker and less of the room. Everything is significantly clearer.


Design advantages:
• Their low profile, magnetically attached bezel-less grilles blend into the surface of the wall or ceiling, especially when custom finished to match the décor
• Their uncommonly narrow width allows for placement options where they're hardly noticed, including their resemblance to HVAC slotted diffusers when installed in the ceiling
• Custom magnetic grilles can be ordered to match the height (or width) of flat screen TVs
• For a seamless, in-wall soundbar look on either the wall with the TV, or in the ceiling above the TV, individual P2i or P4i LCR channels can be installed, then covered with one custom length, seamless magnetic grille

Performance advantages:
• As a result of the 650Hz crossover, our PMDs and woofers deliver superb off-axis dispersion. The Insight Series does not suffer from the poor off-axis response and significant midrange hole found in cone & dome designs with their higher crossover points. Listeners can sit where they prefer and still enjoy amazing sound. The sweet spot of performance is remarkable.
• This PMD lower crossover point and associated off-axis response advantages provide huge benefits for in-ceiling applications, as well. Owners can walk around the room and be enveloped with great performance with the P2i and P4i.

Wisdom Audio Products

Insight Series

The Insight Series provides exceptional clarity and effortless dynamics for use within dedicated home theaters.

Insight Series P2i

The Insight Series™ brings key core technologies and performance characteristics of the award-winning Sage Series® to more accessible price points. The amazing planar magnetic tweeter is responsible for this series’ characteristic transparency, detail and instantaneous dynamics, and extends all the way down to 650 Hz, well below conventional dome tweeters.