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2013 Product of the Year Entrant Home Automation & Energy Management Solution

From a product design and technical perspective, Home Automation and Energy Management Solution uniquely layers the control of lights, locks and thermostats on top of the security application. Using the security sensor data in’s backend security platform, this solution automates based on the sensor triggers and then builds patterns and collects data about occupancy in the home or business.

Having a single interface for these various home automation and energy management components is very advantageous to consumers. In one location (either on the web or mobile app) a customer can change their temperature, set a light schedule, arm their system, see video from their home, and unlock their door.

Beyond the interaction between sensors and control devices in the home, has built a robust backend that utilizes other data sources to influence the automation and control events. For example, the solution was designed so it can trigger different behaviors based on weather, as well as the customer’s location as determined through their cell phone. This allows for events inside and outside of the home to trigger responses from the system (i.e. a consumer can turn on a light when the door opens, change the temperature when the system is armed, off-set temperature on hot days, lock a door when the cell phone is outside the geo-fence range).

The product design aspect has a lot to do with the web and app functionality. Giving the customer control of their home wherever they are involves market-leading innovation. With the customer can control and manage their home from anywhere at any time.

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While a slew of home energy management solutions and smart thermostats have hit the market in recent months, their benefit to consumers is limited by a simple fact: they are not connected to complementary technology and operate in a silo. This means that information captured by, say, a smart thermostat stuck to a wall, cannot be leveraged by other home systems such as security motion sensors, door locks or lights.

The Home Automation & Energy Management offering eliminates these home system silos by enabling the tight integration of lights, thermostats and locks with's underlying security platform. By integrating home automation with the security platform, data becomes a valuable asset for customers to make more informed decisions on their use of lights, thermostats and locks for energy savings and improved security.

The offering also differentiates itself by the depth and breadth of its feature set, and has added several new, innovative features unique to its Home Automation & Energy Management offering, including:
  • Power outage notifications that send real-time mobile alerts to consumers when a power outage occurs at the home, but also alerts them to the percentage of nearby customers who also lost power.

  • Severe Weather Alerts that notify customers of approaching tornadoes and other severe weather on their alarm security panel.

  • Extreme Temps feature allowing homeowners to adjust thermostats when extremely hot or cold whether is forecasted in order to reduce energy costs and reduce widespread power outages.

  • Smart Schedule Activity Patterns, which enables homeowners to adjust and optimize their thermostat settings based on activity patterns captured by the user's home security system motion and alarm sensors.


By leveraging sensor data from the security system and setting sensor-triggered optimization rules, customers gain insight on activity in the home and can more accurately control home thermostats via 'smart schedules,' automate lights to turn on when a customer disarms the security system at night upon returning home, or have all doors lock when the security system is armed.

In addition to enabling consumers to monitor and control automation and energy management systems inside the home, consumers benefit from the ability to leverage the offering's capabilities to monitor external factors and conditions, such as severe weather, power outages, and extreme hot and cold temperatures.

Additional key benefits to consumers include:
  • Security data can be leveraged to make smarter energy decisions - Consumers can tap into valuable data about their own activity because the home energy management system is integrated with security door, window and motion sensors positioned throughout the home.

  • Mobility without boundaries - With device options covering the full spectrum from the iPhone, iPad, Android, Amazon Kindle, and Windows Phone 7, to the BlackBerry and even a mobile-friendly website, consumers can utilize the devices they already have in their hands to monitor and control home automation and energy management.

  • Affordability and ease-of-use - Rather than saddling consumers with the costs and complexities of purchasing and attempting to integrate multiple home systems, the offering provides an affordable, easy-to-use option for consumers to easily control internal and external home energy and automation services from a single, mobile interface.
With the Home Automation & Energy Management offering, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts - an end-to-end integrated solution that delivers significantly enhanced value to the customer compared to a set of standalone products unable to communicate with one another.

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Founded in 2000, is the leading technology provider of interactive security, video monitoring, energy management and home automation solutions. Through advanced wireless monitoring, mobile apps, web-based services and an unparalleled hosted services platform, helps Partners protect and empower more than one million homes and businesses throughout North America. Our award winning services are delivered through a network of thousands of authorized Partners. is delivering on the promise of the connected home. Offering a breadth of services,’s intelligent engine is hosted in the cloud making it easy to integrate different devices and communication protocols to make everything work together seamlessly. From lights, thermostats and locks, to door, window and motion sensors, to garage doors and small appliances, it’s all connected and can be controlled through a single, easy to use app.
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Home Automation & Energy Management Solution

The Home Automation & Energy Management enables the tight integration of lights, thermostats and locks with’s underlying security platform. By integrating home automation with the security platform, data becomes a valuable asset for customers to make more informed decisions on their use of lights, thermostats and locks for energy savings and improved security.

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