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2013 Product of the Year Entrant

LG-One LG Hom-Bot (LrV790R)

MSRP: $799.00

The new Hom-Bot Square robotic vacuum cleans more effectively and efficiently, even in corners and tight spaces. LG’s latest robotic vacuum offers a technology called Corner Master, which is comprised of the vacuum’s square-shaped design with two long brushes and multiple sensors. The brushes on the Hom-Bot Square are longer than those of its predecessor, while the many sensors aid the vacuum in recognizing its position and make it able to clean around objects and walls without bumping into them. Also, the vacuum’s unique square shape is an important updated feature as it allows the vacuum to get even closer to edges for a more thorough cleaning. To help ensure the vacuum cleans thoroughly, it uses a powerful main brush to loosen and sweep dirt and dust while side brushes pick up what is found along corners and edges. LG’s Hom-Bot Square also features a microfiber mop which is used for hard surfaces to pick up fine residue and stains.

Along with technological innovations to give the consumer a better clean, such as Corner Master Technology, multiple brush appliques and HEPA filter inclusion, the Hom-Bot Square can be controlled from a remote, giving more convenience and flexibility to consumers.

Users may also enjoy the Hom-Bot’s quiet noise level during operation of just 50dB, along with its HEPA filter that enables the vacuum to separate dust particles from the air, helping eliminate unpleasant odors and common household allergens. The vacuum also comes equipped with LG’s Easy-out Dust Bin which easily lifts out from the top of the Hom-Bot Square, offering a convenient and hygienic removal of dust and debris.

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The Hom-Bot Square, LG's intelligent robotic vacuum cleaner, represents a significant step forward in automated cleaning performance. It offers Dual Eye 2.0® camera technology, allowing the vacuum to deliver faster and more efficient cleaning performance than previous models. The vacuum also offers a Scheduled Cleaning feature, allowing users to control at what times they would like clean, whether anyone is going to be home or not. Set the schedule prior to when you want Hom-Bot to go to work (options include two, six, or twelve hours in advance), and Voice Alert announcements will let users know when the scheduled cleaning is complete. The vacuum also engages multiple sensors to detect obstacles within a 180-degree field, ensuring thorough cleaning with minimal collisions throughout the home.

The upper camera is tasked with simultaneously mapping and storing house floor plans, while the lower camera incorporates an Optical Flow Sensor to capture surface images at high speed and report obstacles back to the Hom-Bot Square's decision-making software. The two cameras allow the smart vacuum cleaner to calculate distance information and plot courses that maximize cleaning efficiency while saving time.

Users will enjoy features including over 90 alerts that the vacuum will use to notify the user including Voice Alerts as well as updates on its cleaning progress. Another feature is LG's SmartDiagnosis® technology, enabling the Hom-Bot to help self diagnose malfunctions or problems to inform users with a voice alert. Additionally, the improved Lithium Ion battery has a longer life cycle than conventional batteries and has up to 100 minutes of running time, so that owners have extended periods of automated cleaning and save on battery replacement. When the battery runs low while cleaning, Hom-Bot Square automatically returns to its charger to recharge, then it'll automatically resume from where it had left off.


The Hom-Bot Square vacuum offers seven smart cleaning modes that are designed to provide customized cleaning for different floor surfaces and cleaning areas. Two of the cleaning modes include Turbo Mode and SmartTurbo Mode: Turbo Mode allows users to manually alter the vacuum's cleaning functions based on whether the floor is a hard surface or carpet, while the Smart Turbo Mode function allows it to automatically detect the type of flooring and change settings on-the-go. This adds to the level of freedom for the user as the vacuum can operate independently and worry-free. These settings allow the vacuum to clean more powerfully than the common cleaning mode, maximizing the RPMs of the agitator brush and suction power to clean dirty floors.

LG's Hom-Bot Square also offers a new convenient offering, Kidnap Function. This is the vacuum's ability to remember where it left off in a previous room if it is interrupted and moved to a new area. Therefore, once the vacuum is returned to its original location, it will resume from where it left off instead of cleaning previously vacuumed areas.

These two features, plus the ability to control the Hom-Bot remotely, provides the consumer with an experience like non-other when it comes to a household chore.

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