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CASE AV HDMI Switches (3x1/5x1)  BL-526-033 / BL-526-037

MSRP: $19.00 to $79.00

Steren offers multiple HDMI® switches with up to 5 inputs to feed different HDMI® sources to a single display. They support 1080p resolution and are HDMI® and HDCP compliant.

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CASE AV delivers quality and affordable solutions to any installation project. We offer high-quality speakers with great value and sonic performance, mounts designed for strength and flexibility, and HDMI® products, A/V accessories and enhanced tools for dependability and ease of installation. We have everything you need to bring innovation and performance to every room of a house. To learn more about our extraordinary array of products, contact us at 800-519-8731 or 

8530 Concord Center Drive
Suite 300
Englewood, Colorado
United States of America
Tel: 303-768-9070

CASE AV Products

HDMI Matrix BL-526-039

Steren’s 4x2 HDMI® Matrix switch allows up to 1080p resolution signals to be cross switched from 2 different sources to up to 4 different HDMI® displays.

HDMI Splitter BL-526-041

The Steren HDMI® 1x4 Spliiter is HDMI® and HDCP compliant and allows one HDMI® source to be viewed on up to 4 different displays. Handles up to 1080p resolution.

HDMI Switches (3x1/5x1)  BL-526-033 / BL-526-037

Steren offers multiple HDMI® switches with up to 5 inputs to feed different HDMI® sources to a single display. They support 1080p resolution and are HDMI® and HDCP compliant.

HDMI Extender BL-526-051

Steren’s HDMI over Category Cable Extender allows runs of HDMI® up to 250ft for 1080p resolution. This High Speed Certified unit is HDMI® and HDCP compliant.

Sequence by Steren Flat Wall Mounts 720-005 / 720-010 / 720-015

All Sequence by Steren TV wall mounts are UL Listed for safety and peace of mind. These flat mounts offer a very low profile design for today’s thinner TVs.

Sequence by Steren Tilting Wall Mounts 720-200 / 720-205 / 720-215

Sequence by Steren tilting wall mounts allow fine tuning of the viewing angle of your display when optimal placement is not possible. The 15° tilt is effortlessly attained without tools.

Sequence by Steren Articulating Wall Mounts 720-105 / 720-110 / 720-115

Designed for safety and ease of installation, these Sequence by Steren articulating wall mounts allow comfortable TV viewing from any angle. They incorporate a 15° tilt to aid in adjustability.

Sequence by Steren Outdoor Premier Speakers 730-350 / 730-360

Sequence by Steren offers two sizes of rugged, yet pleasing UV-treated outdoor speakers with either 5 1/4” or 6 1/2” woofers. The ABS enclosures resist sun-fade and the elements.

Sequence by Steren In-Ceiling Angled Premier Speaker 730-206

These Sequence by Steren in-ceiling speakers feature a pivoting tweeter and angled woofer to direct sound to the listening area. They feature a 6 1/2″ woofer and dome tweeter.

Sequence by Steren In-Ceiling Premier Speakers 730-201 / 730-203

Sequence by Steren offers impressive sound output with rich bass, high efficiency and sonic performance. These in-ceiling speakers are available in 6 1/2” and 8” sizes with pivoting dome tweeters.

Sequence by Steren In-Wall Premier Speaker 730-205

These Sequence by Steren in-wall speakers are designed for home theater use as an L/C/R application. They feature dual 5 ¼″ cone woofers and a 1″ pivoting dome tweeter.

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