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2014 Product of the Year Entrant


MSRP: $30,000.00

ZIGEN HAX-1616 is a digital analog hybrid matrix router that strips, down mixes and routs audio / video signals from up to 16 - HDMI sources to as many as 16-displays and 24-audio zones. We have design a DSP (Digital Signal Processing) card that allows us to strip digital audio signals from any given HDMI source. This DSP card has the ability to process and down mix signals from Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus down to 2.1-CH audio without compromising the uncompressed high quality audio signals on the HDMI side. HAX-1616 is also able to take any ARC (Audio Return Chanel) signal from smart TV that is connected to the HAX-1616 and make that audio content available to any zone throughout. HAX-1616 modular chassis is designed to handle up to 16-source HDMI inputs, up to 16-zone HDMI outputs, 8” analog audio source inputs, 16” source ARC inputs and has 24-zone 2.1-CH audio outputs. In addition, HAX-1616 allows the integrator to customize the user audio listening experience by offering 10” band of EQ, Bass, Treble, Subwoofer and Lip-sync / Audio delay control up to 1000ms. This makes it a total of 16-HDMI IN x 16-HDMI OUT x 40-ARC x 24-Audio Zone Matrix


The ability to strip audio from HDMI and down mix audio codecs from Dolby Digital & Dolby Digital Plus without compromising the uncompressed audio quality on any of the HDMI outputs. In addition, we are able to extend Ethernet signal to smart TVs and take the ARC signal back from smart TVs and have that signal available to share among any of the 24-Audio zone outputs.

This hybrid modular matrix router is the only box that the integrator needs to get the job done.


We allow the integrator to enhance the end user audio listening experience by offering; 10-band of EQ, Bass, Treble, Sub-Woofer control adjustments and 1000ms of Lip-sync / Audio delay control.

4Kx2K / 30Hz Support, individual EDID management for all outputs, Ethernet support, ARC support and much more.

Company Info

ZIG-HAVEX is a transmitter / receiver extender kit for long distance transmission of HDMI video, embedded audio, 4-port POE Ethernet switch, back channel analogue or digital audio plus bi-directional control signals over a single CAT — 5/6/7 type cable.

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ZIGEN HAX-1616 is the only modular, Digital Analog hybrid matrix router in its class that can support 16-HDMI IN x 16-HDMI OUT x 40-ARC x 24-Audio Zones.

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