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2013 Product of the Year Entrant

Atlantic Technology H-PAS PowerBar 235

MSRP: $900

The H-PAS PowerBar 235 is the first sound bar utilizing Atlantic’s groundbreaking H-PAS bass technology. H-PAS combines elements of several speaker technologies - acoustic suspension, bass reflex, inverse horn, and transmission line - in a unique configuration that delivers powerful low-frequency response that breaks the “Iron Law” of loudspeaker acoustics: the notion that you couldn’t have deep bass extension, good system sensitivity and reasonable enclosure size all in one design. H-PAS changes all that.

Bass: Use of H-PAS is integral to the design of the PowerBar 235. It allows the bar to extend down to 47Hz at theater-level SPLs. With the PowerBar, a subwoofer is truly optional.

Processing: When you add that the processing and amplification is all done on-board, the PowerBar becomes a complete standalone solution. That’s pretty impressive for a speaker that can fit under a 42” TV and costs only $900. Includes a sophisticated DSP with Dolby Digital™ and DTS that delivers 2, 3 or 5 channel experience for total listener immersion.

Design: Atlantic has become known for making products that not only perform, but look great doing so. The PowerBar will be welcomed in the most refined of spaces. Its svelte lines and premium finishes set it apart from competitors.

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  • H-PAS technology eliminates the need for a subwoofer.

  • True home theater performance.

  • Multi-channel DSP using Dolby Digital and DTS: Creates a 2, 3, 5 or 5+ channel virtual sonic landscape for immersive sound that draws the listener in.

  • Speech enhancement for late night low level listening or applications with a lot of background noise (such as a running air conditioner).

  • User Switchable Display (USD®): Can be "flipped" to read correctly whether unit is "right side up" or "upside down" depending on installation.

  • Rear panel sub out jack for connecting optional subwoofer (if you're an incorrigible bass hound!)

  • Auto detect Dolby or DTS for best sound and enhanced surround mode.

  • Lockable front panel buttons for secure settings (the parental lockout).

  • Front and Rear (for custom installation) IR sensors.


Makes high-performance home theater audio available to applications where extra equipment isn't wanted or needed. Atlantic Technology excels at designing traditional high-performance home theater speakers for dedicated home theaters. However, the dedicated home theater is only one room in the customer's house.

Here are some additional applications for which the PowerBar is ideal.
  1. Home theater for flat-screen in master bedroom.

  2. Primary home theater for customers who don't want or need a dedicated home theater room dominated by speakers.

  3. Any room where the customer doesn't want the clutter of a free-standing subwoofer.

  4. Anywhere the customer has a 42" or larger TV.

  5. Commercial applications with suspended or swing-arm flat screen.

  6. Paired up with a networked TV for a completely enclosed system without additional boxes.

Company Info

We have said it before, but we can not help repeating it: The goal of home theater is not to put you in the movie theater, it is to put you in the movie! And now, as home entertainment systems transition to multi-channel sound, which encompasses home theater, music surround and more, the concept of “virtually” putting you in the action is even more important. Since we started our corporate journey in 1989 this focus has been our guiding principal. Since then we are proud to say that we have become one of the most highly regarded companies specializing in designing complete high performance multi-channel speaker systems. In fact, we are considered by many to rank right up there with the very top surround sound speaker experts.

By engineering innovative audio products at affordable prices, we have received dozens of industry accolades together with numerous spectacular reviews. And beyond performance, we work exceptionally hard to ensure that our speakers integrate easily and attractively into your home while they´re delivering consistently great movie and music reproduction.

Atlantic Technology
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Atlantic Technology Products

H-PAS PowerBar 235

The H-PAS® PowerBar 235 is the first sound bar where the subwoofer is truly optional. Specifications: 42”-wide; self-powered; 47Hz deep; theater-level SPLs; DSP with Dolby Digital™ and DTS; 2, 3, 5 or 5+ channel output.

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