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2014 Product of the Year Entrant Gararge Door Management

MSRP: N/A fully integrates garage door management, monitoring and control into our connected home platform. This extends perimeter security, home awareness and the convenience of intelligent automations to the primary entry point to the home for many consumers, and connects the security system, door locks and other sensors in the home with the garage door function. 

No matter where they are homeowners can raise and lower the door, and check in to see its current status. Real-time alerts and notifications can be completely personalized to provide immediate awareness of when the door opens or closes or if the door has been open for longer than a certain period of time. Homeowners can select specific times of day or days of the week for notifications too.  Any alert can also be sent to a friend of neighbors smartphone too, a particularly useful feature when the owner is out of town. 

Our intelligent automation engine makes never forgetting to close their garage door again as simple as possible. Homeowners use flexible, customized automation rules to trigger the garage door to close when the security system is armed, or the front door is locked. A wide range of actions around the home can trigger the garage door, making it as simple as possible to keep it closed and secure.
Our exclusive partnership with Liftmaster includes safety features so when a garage door is being controlled remotely and out of sight to the user, there will be an audible sound and flashing light before it closes. Anyone nearby is aware that the door is about to operate remotely.


Integrating garage door controls into our connected home platform allows us to leverage information and data from across the connected home to provide smarter and more personalized garage automations and controls. While other offerings provide only open and close controls, homeowners now get a full range of intelligent automations that make controlling and securing the garage door as simple as possible. adds triggers so the garage door responds to the homeowner’s activity. With other systems the homeowner must remember to engage their garage door, but our approach makes the entire experience simpler so it’s far less likely to forget. For example, when the homeowner secures their house in the evening and turns the alarm system on or locks the front door, the garage can automatically close. They can create any kind of trigger so it can be as easy as possible to keep the garage door secure.

Our garage door integration also provides a superior level of awareness. Real-time alerts and notifications can be completely customized so the homeowner is notified about garage door activity only during certain times of the day or days of the week. Friends and neighbors can even be included to receive email or text notifications of garage door activity to provide an extra level of awareness. Complete personalization sets apart from other offerings.


Garage door integration with’s connected home platform gives homeowner enhanced, full-perimeter security and personalized awareness and control through our intelligent automation engine. Homeowners will never forget to close their garage door again. This is both an important element of home security, as well as an energy management enhancement that helps keep the home well insulated on extreme weather days.

Many garage doors can be controlled through an app, but with homeowners can also create customized triggers to reduce the number of things they have to remember when rushing out the door in the morning or securing their home at the end of a long day. Linking the garage door to other activities in the house makes keeping it secure as simple as possible.

If the door is inadvertently left up, a variety of customized alerts and notifications offer a quick reminder so immediate action can be taken. Because alerts are personalized the homeowner chooses when one is generated and who should be notified about each. Alerts are completely customized too, so they’re easily turned on, off or edited.

Company Info

Founded in 2000, is the leading technology provider of interactive security, video monitoring, energy management and home automation solutions. Through advanced wireless monitoring, mobile apps, web-based services and an unparalleled hosted services platform, helps Partners protect and empower more than one million homes and businesses throughout North America. Our award winning services are delivered through a network of thousands of authorized Partners. is delivering on the promise of the connected home. Offering a breadth of services,’s intelligent engine is hosted in the cloud making it easy to integrate different devices and communication protocols to make everything work together seamlessly. From lights, thermostats and locks, to door, window and motion sensors, to garage doors and small appliances, it’s all connected and can be controlled through a single, easy to use app.
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Tel: 571-385-2363 Products

Interactive Security and Monitoring Solution delivers interactive security, video monitoring, home automation and energy management to consumers through licensed and authorized dealers. Anchored by a dedicated wireless connection for better security, the solution enables consumers to monitor, control and interact with their security system, lights, thermostats and locks via smartphones, tablets and PCs.

Home Automation & Energy Management Solution

The Home Automation & Energy Management enables the tight integration of lights, thermostats and locks with’s underlying security platform. By integrating home automation with the security platform, data becomes a valuable asset for customers to make more informed decisions on their use of lights, thermostats and locks for energy savings and improved security.

Energy Monitoring Service
Gararge Door Management

Homeowners can remotely manage, monitor and control their garage door using the mobile app or web interface, which provides seamless control of all the home’s mission critical systems.

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